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Why You Need a Role Model and Why It Is Important to Be Yourself

How Role Models Help You To Transform Your Personality

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  • A worthy role model will help you to become the person you want to be.
  • Role models can help you avoid obstacles on your way to achieving your goals.
  • It is important to choose the right person to imitate.
  • The role models you choose influence your behavior. It also affects your thinking, as well as your attitude towards yourself and others.


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Having a good role model is very important. Role models motivate and inspire you to work harder at your goals and become successful.

The term “success” is quite subjective. Still, if you chose a role model, it usually means that he/she has succeeded in certain field. These achievements could be different. They can be actors of award-winning TV series, successful businessmen or great sportsmen. It is easier to follow the goals when you know how someone else achieved it.

Source: https://www.rootsofaction.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/12/Top-Five-Qualities-of-Role-Models.png

Why Do People Choose Role Models?

We all face obstacles in our lives. Successful people also have a share of hurdles to overcome. A role model teaches you never to give up and cope with setbacks on the path to success.

We all make mistakes sometimes, role models also made mistakes. They learn lessons and do not get disappointed, thus, you can also learn a lot.

Following the principles of your role model, you become self-confident and motivated. It also helps you achieve your goals by improving your skills and personality. If you follow role models, it motivates you to become a good example for others. Succeed in your own life to inspire others to follow your example.

The role model’s positive influence also encourages you to set greater goals. Models help us improve our well-being and attitudes. They inspire us to reach the top point.

By setting high goals you imitate another person’s actions and values. Being a role model you pass on the message of a successful journey to others. It means that you can inspire people around you to make their lives better.

How to Control Your Inner Self and Be a Personality

It’s good to have role models. On the other hand, it’s very important not to get obsessed with them. You should be a person. Speaking to yourself helps not feel troubled with the people around you. To get what you want, you don’t necessarily have to follow the third party examples. 

You are unique, since you have your own talents and experiences. It means you can use your skills and experience to achieve your goals. Still, you shouldn’t sacrifice yourself to do it.

Many of us also behave like someone we are not. We do so to arouse someone’s interest, believing that it would bring us what we want.

When we change our thoughts and beliefs we become someone else instead of being ourselves. We copy the other person’s behavior pattern to please others, but it is not fair.

Don’t get troubled with what others think about you. You are able to control your thoughts, actions, feelings, and emotions. Don’t let others change your personality and be yourself. Always remember that others may want to change you to achieve their goals.

Is it okay to be a jerk and be yourself? 

When we get rid of the labels and judgments we have imposed on ourselves, we become who we really are. Your life is your own story.

Observing a small child you find out how little it cares what others think of it. Connect to your Inner Child. Here are some tips to help you figure out how to accumulate your own thoughts and beliefs.

Stay true to your nature and be yourself in every moment of your life.

When you reach your Inner Child, you become free and enjoy living. Being afraid of judgment, you should realize that you play a role that suits society. 

Lots of negative thoughts go through your head every day. Analyze these feelings in order to adjust the reality.

Begin your day with relaxing in sitting position for five or ten minutes. It helps become more aware of your thinking quality. Enjoy it and keep an eye on your mind. Thoughts will come and go, but they will do this beyond your control.

Become aware of your thoughts. Get rid of old beliefs to become more present in revealing your true nature. You might have a lot of unconscious beliefs that have emerged over the years. Probably you took them from someone else. You may become a better person without your old negative thought patterns.

It is an essential factor of being yourself. When you are tuned to your own soul, it always directs you in the best possible way. Step by step, you will get more self-confident and achieve your goals much easier. Start with small things, such as having enough confidence to make a phone call or send an email. Further it will allow you to take more significant actions.

But how can I be myself? How does it help me to become better? Get rid your old thought, follow your bliss, and do what you like to do. Accept happiness and peace. Thus, your authentic self becomes real. It is beyond the other’s beliefs and thought patterns you have accumulated throughout your life.

Stay connected to your true nature and let it shine in all splendor.

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The Fastest and Easiest Way to Become a Role Model

In course of time you stop searching for the perfect role model. Instead, you can become a role model. But how you can do this fast and easily?

There are several standard features that you can incorporate into your everyday life, such as communication and leadership skills.

A certain amount of dedication and discipline will lead to success. Successful people achieve their high goals because they put energy into their passions. Set clear goals and keep pursuing them, regardless of any challenges. 

Invest efforts into achieving your goals and demonstrate your commitment to them. Focus on your goals, stay dedicated to them, and don’t give up. Develop your stamina when you face obstacles and get things going. We need resilience and perseverance to achieve goals. It requires a certain amount of patience, determination, and strong self-confidence.

Show others that you are different and deserve their admiration. These qualities will inspire them. Respect yourself and the others. Creative and open-minded people inspire and motivate others to improve their lives.  

Seek possibilities that will broaden your mind. Try to understand your life and ask the right questions. Be open to new experiences, ideas, opportunities and learn from them.

To become a role model, you have to accept the prospect of failure. Do your best to be the smartest person in the group. Stay humble when it is appropriate because the sweet victories are often hard.

Successful people often focus on the positive aspects of their performance. Enjoy your success, celebrate when you deserve it, and move forward.

Concentrating on the negative things destroys your confidence. Integrity is the ability to make correct decisions over and over again. When you have it, you become a role model. Integrity is a key aspect of leadership because we want people to trust and respect us.

Think about how to interact with people around you and pay attention to your body language.

Role models play a significant role in our lives. No matter we like it or not, they influence our surroundings in some way.

Source: 0*Y7619lA6QdttTqu1.


To achieve goals, a person needs motivation in the form of an example to follow. A person who is doing something that we admire can serve as a good example. These people have already achieved success. They help us become who we want to be.

Define what you want to do an choose a proper lifestyle.

Pick a good example from your social circle or celebrities.

Role models can light a flame within you that you could pass to other people. There is nothing terrible in behavior imitation. It is just a type of motivation. Doing something positive and having exciting ideas, make your life more colorful and conscious.

Before making step, always ask yourself the following question: “How would my role model act in this situation?” 

The respect of people around you complement your lifestyle and personality. We recommend follow several rules:

  • Develop self-confidence every day;
  • Feel confident in what you are doing;
  • Don’t copy what other people do;
  • Don’t force yourself to do something.

Final Remarks 

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