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Why Time is Ticking So Fast and How to Start Living a Charged Life?

Why Time is Ticking So Fast and How to Start Living a Charged Life?

The Clock Is Ticking: Give Up Your Procrastination

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  • People who live in the present moment feel much happier and more confident.
  • It may sound easy, but actually, it takes a lot of practice.
  • Find out how to spend your free time and interact with the world to learn to live in the present.


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It is difficult for most people to avoid distractions. We may regret what we did not do yesterday, promise to begin doing something tomorrow, and can’t get out of this cycle. What forces us to postpone important tasks?

Most of us have felt this way at some point, and we often think that we are unable to control our lives. The clock is still ticking. You can always try to make positive changes and take cont your life under control. 

A person in a bad situation may not have much control over the circumstances. Still, people can start taking their lives into their own hands. So what can you do to “control” your life?

What Charged Life Really Means to Us

People usually have more motivation when they are in charge of their life. However, it requires various qualities, which make a big difference. Motivation increases energy efficiency, reduces stress, and increases the impact on the environment. Life brings a different feeling and level of responsibility when you’re more passionate and motivated. This feeling is not permanent, so don’t get used to convenience and experiment with your own life.

Most of us know what we need to do to live an exciting and successful life. Our irresponsible position leads to a mediocre life if we are not ready for changes. When you think that achieving a particular goal is possible, you get extra motivation.

Basically we choose from three kinds of life that we could live. Most people don’t realize this and choose a caged life by default.

We do our best to avoid pain and fear, but then we get stuck in the end because it is the only way to stay alive. We reach our limits for the sake of survival.

We seek happiness through social status, money, material possessions, and recognition. We live above other people’s living standards, but we still do not feel delighted. It happens because we do not know ourselves well.

When we have challenges and need to be in charge of our lives, we begin understanding what can make our brains work. It is known from neuroscience. It goes far beyond what we know about the brain’s ability to recharge.

When you are too busy and something challenges you, you don’t feel very comfortable. Still, if you’re just a little bit out of your comfort zone, that changes you. So, you’re more likely to achieve something greater. 

Try to be a little more open to new experiences and challenges. To live a full life, you have to look current situation again and see how life will develop. If you are excited about tomorrow and if your day goes on along that path, then keep doing it. A responsible life with constant moving forward drives you to become a better person.

That’s how your life should feel. To start changing it you should accept a little more challenge.

Source: https://www.lifehack.org/articles/lifehack/the-clock-is-ticking-give-up-your-procrastination.html

These Tips Will Definitely Help You to Start Changing Your Attitude Towards Life

This may seem like a difficult and unpleasant task. Still, it is a possible and advantageous experience. So, how to develop your internal power?

Of course, it is not that easy. Though, if it seems like a very complicated task, it is just a delusion.

  • You don’t have to take everything people say seriously. Not everything concerns you at all. Think more about yourself, because they are just the small parts of your life and future.
  • Always replace negative thoughts with positive ones until it becomes a habit. It can be challenging at first, but it brings you many more benefits than you could even imagine. 
  • You have the power to take control of your life. You are strong and confident. You have enough willpower to improve yourself.

The good thing about these techniques is that anyone can learn to use them. And the more you follow, the better. When you feel weak, shy, or uncomfortable when you speak, it is a false and unproductive attitude. A peaceful mind does not overthink or analyze words, actions, and situations.

Source: https://www.thecut.com/2016/09/why-time-slows-down-when-youre-traveling.html

The Main Reason Why Time Flies Faster as We Age. How to Deal With It?

The more things we have to do, the quicker time passes. Moreover, we are able to see fewer new things than before. We were surprised how slow the time passed when we were young and felt trouble free. In our youth everything seemed to last forever. 

We are moving at a high pace wondering if there is a way to slow it down. Nerves and neurons analyze the situation. It means that life passes faster over the years and that we have less new information for ourselves. We feel confused, depressed, and full of anxiety.

The Cut magazine made an experiment with images of a shoe and a flower. A shoe flashed on a display several times very short, while a flower appeared only once, but for longer time interval. As a result, most people remembered the flower because their brain needed to process it only once. Based on such results, we can say that our minds enjoy the moment we are in. Still, exploration does not always mean going to the end of the earth. 

Thus, you can pick a flower, take an impromptu day trip, pick a new café, try a Sri Lankan restaurant, or go to a concert or film to explore something new and slow down time perception.

Even though you can’t stop aging, and you can’t prevent the brain from doing what it needs to do biologically, you are able help yourself. Enjoy the feeling of living brighter and longer.

Science states that time actually seems to fly with age, and even faster than you think. Researches show that the brain’s inner clock runs faster. It means that life’s pace seems to speed up. When you are young, time appears slower because it means that the brain has more data to process. Other researches suggest that it is connected with the amount of received information. 

Biochemical studies have shown that dopamine gets released with new stimuli. They affect our time perception. The crucial factor in slowing down time is to make each new experience a new adventure. When we are in a fixed routine and learn nothing new or are stuck in life patterns, time passes faster.

You should try something new to make your day more enjoyable. If you are relaxed, a week actually seems to last longer than when you have monotonous days. 

There is a well-known joke that the week before the holiday passes a little bit too slow, while the days in holidays are very short. 

When you are young, life is full of new things. Time seems to pass slower because everything and every moment are fresh and new. Therefore, when you were younger, life seemed to be more exciting and unique.

Do as many different things as possible. If you can try something now, do it without hesitation. Set goals or even stupid plans, and work hard to achieve them. Do it not only for yourself but also for your friends, colleagues, and family members.

Here you can find more information about the mentioned-above techniques. Also, use this source to lean more about charging your lifetime.


We keep an open eye on how productive is the use of our time. It applies not only to career but also to our personal life. Unconsciously we strive to make our lives more effective. Still, we do not make it eventful. In our anxious pursuit of productivity, we forget to explore the world and get new impressions.

It is very important to understand that our happiness is not about being effective every day. It is rather about learning to be in the present moment and stay open.

Start with small steps. Try to follow these simple tips:

  • Accept people for who they are;
  • Look at the routine work creatively;
  • Explore to the world around you;
  • Practice physical activities;
  • Be creative.


Procrastination is not just about your work and accomplishing tasks. It is also referred to our ability to accept ourselves. When you feel distracted, stressed, and think about your tomorrow negatively – you are more likely to fail. Accept yourself for who you are, and don’t regret anything that is out of your control. Try to pay attention to your surroundings, and don’t judge yourself and others. 

Final Remarks 

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