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What You Should Know as a Business Owner To Get the Maximum ROI from Targeted Advertising?

How to Find a Skilled SMM Specialist and Be Sure One is the Best Fit for Your Business?

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  • SMM Specialist is a professional you trust your reputation, not just time and money;
  • The portfolio of the Social Media Marketer equals one’s interest in your target niche;
  • The success of work with a Targeting Specialist always depends on how you interact with one another;
  • Getting ready for an interview with a Targeting Specialist is a crucial step in hiring the best candidate;
  • Be sure to have the most tricky questions answered on your first meeting with a Targeting Specialist;
  • The SMM Specialist doesn’t have to be a marketing expert, but one should have all the necessary marketing skills to get the SMM job done professionally;
  • You should have a clear understanding of what you expect to have at the end of the interview with a Social Media Marketer;
  • Freelancers are not always the best candidates for your particular project.


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 The Truth Behind the Story

This article explains how to find proficient SMM Specialists and interact with them to achieve satisfactory results. It covers the primary competencies one should have to promote your products and services in your target industry. 

We seek to provide you with an overview of what you should know to find the best candidate to promote your business offers while considering the effective use of all your resources. 

Also, we talk about the primary responsibilities of a Targeting Specialist and the necessary skills one should have to work effectively. We share the insights on how and where to find a skilled SMM Specialist and be sure one will keep all promises. 

What Should an SMM Specialist Know To Scale Your Business?

There is a prejudice that SMM professionals have different competencies, and indeed, it’s confirmed by 100%. Unfortunately, most specialists engaged in the SMM industry are mostly qualified in one or several social media activities.

However, the more a Targeting Specialist can do, the more value one brings to business development. Ultimately, more marketers, top managers, investors, or business owners are willing to negotiate the most preferable working engagements.

Even though SMM Specialists should know the best content strategy practices, customer journey, the ways to share your business message, and positioning as a whole. Targeting advertising is the overall responsibility of the SMM Specialists. It includes Pay per Click (PPC) Advertising, Media Buying, and Traffic Management.

Premium SMM Marketing is based on the following skills of SMM Specialists: 

  • Finding customers and selling your products or services

The idea behind the client search does not merely depend on how well SMM Specialists do their job but how far they understand what exactly they should do to achieve the most profitable business margins.

It also includes the need to benefit from video advertising, including the best practices to present the material, lead the target customers to personal meetings with company representatives, and finally help them purchase the targeted products or services.

Targeting Specialists should attract the target customers to follow brands and take advantage of their business offers through various advertising platforms. The most helpful tools to use are video reviews and onboarding procedures, which help clients smoothly dive into the project and become raving fans and business ambassadors.

  • Copywriting for advertising purposes

It seems to be clear how copywriting instruments attract a significant target audience through text. However, it is an entirely different perspective in reality. The purpose of content development is to understand the needs and pains of the target clients and segment them by intentions to purchase your products or services.

It makes sense to create self-explanatory offers that don’t need extra information to prove the high quality of products or services. It is accomplished by covering everything the target clients should know to make the purchase. A comprehensive overview and FAQ sections make a significant difference.

The content itself should also differ based on the avatars of the target audience and their recent search for the most relevant solutions to their problems. It is the place where your advertising messages make the maximum contribution to promote your business.

One of the most vital elements in copywriting is to have a clear understanding of competitors and their peculiarities in business promotion. So, the Targeting Specialists should find the best ways to put your products or services higher than the competing businesses in the target market.

Creating a Unique Selling Proposition is one of the most important aspects of a successful social media marketing strategy. It is also the most crucial skill of the SMM Specialists while launching your targeting advertising campaigns. Overall, one should be creating enough to present your business offers as those that have no competition. The idea is to show that your clients can trust you and everything you deliver to the target market.

  • Technical settings of the Facebook Ads Manager

The time has come to address the most critical skill of professional SMM Specialists, which is launching your marketing campaigns through social media platforms. The secret behind your success is in understanding the algorithm of Google and Facebook Ads Manager.

The first step to an effective marketing strategy is in configuring your target audience in the Ads Manager. It also refers to knowing how to create and customize the Facebook Pixel and launch marketing campaigns with different advertising goals.

Ultimately, it all leads to conversions, which may not be high enough, especially if you are advertising your products or services for the first time. Therefore, SMM Specialists should take advantage of the retargeting and remarketing campaigns.

Finally, it is all about statistics and knowing the best practices to improve your advertising campaigns with every new launch. Conversions merely depend on how well SMM Specialists can understand the target audience’s requirements and address them through visual elements and business messages.

Secondary Responsibilities of SMM Specialists Everyone Perceives as Primary

Today, many companies and so-called SMM Professionals often misinterpret their primary and secondary responsibilities. As a result, most companies lose thousands of dollars on advertising that doesn’t guarantee any return on investment.

In fact, apart from understanding the needs of targeted customers and setting the Facebook Ads Manager, a skilled Targeting Specialist should know how to conduct marketing research and interact with subscribers.

The truth is that a competent SMM Specialist should have all the skills mentioned above, but copywriting and Facebook advertising are fundamental ones.

Such a role requires a true SMM Professional to investigate niche studies and examine the communication strategies of competitors. The goal is to improve the customer journey as a whole.

Hence, an advanced SMM strategy should have a clear understanding of all clients’ needs. It should also have a relevant message covering both pains and needs and promoting a solution for the target audience.

Business objectives, daily tasks, general strategies of the promoted material, and an action plan of the SMM Specialist are the most important aspects of concern while interviewing the potential candidate.

Overall, social media marketing aims to recruit subscribers, brand recognition, engagement of the target audience, and high annual conversions. Altogether, it could be perceived as a system in the eyes of a professional Targeting Specialist.

Such an approach to work is supported by clear Key Performance Indicators that scale the whole process of SMM marketing. Besides, a highly qualified SMM Specialist will never promise any results before starting a test promotion campaign. The only exception belongs to long-history performers operating in the target niche in which you sell your products or services.

After you have the test advertising campaign results, it makes sense for a professional SMM Specialist and a business owner to compare their business goals and sales objectives and consider a reasonable KPI for any further work.


How to Identify a Skilled SMM Specialist and Be Sure One Fits Your Business Needs?

It is one of the most frequently asked questions when talking about brand promotion. A skilled SMM Specialist is the one you trust your reputation, not only money. One is also responsible for introducing your message to the target audience, and it is the most critical aspect of interest while hiring a Targeting Specialist.

Many business owners mistakenly think they should know how to run marketing campaigns. In reality, you should have a clear understanding of the whole process. The details are merely for the SMM Specialists.

Ideally, a professional Targeting Specialist has many case studies and publications in your target niche. In fact, an SMM Specialist can work a lot and don’t consider promoting oneself. It takes place since many clients apply based on testimonials from past business engagements.

So, cases and articles on your business niche are advantageous, but if an SMM Specialist doesn’t have any, don’t rush to any conclusion.

Pay attention to the flow of communication with SMM Specialists you are planning to hire. Ask them to share any particular marketing strategy to promote your project. The time a Targeting Specialist replies to your questions is ideal for drawing conclusions on future work.

Also, offering an unnecessary test that takes time to complete may not be the best option for you. Frequently, a skilled SMM Specialist has enough customers and won’t waste time.

Instead, think about asking for a detailed action plan and an overall vision to promote your business offers and scale your brand recognition. Often, you can recognize a skilled SMM Specialist when you have all the answers in such a conversation.


  • How an SMM Specialist prepares for an interview;
  • See the quality of any material the Targeting Specialists send as a brief introduction to their personal qualities and professional qualifications;
  • Analyze how they reply to your questions and whether they ask you anything in return.

The idea is to grasp an overall perception of the approach one will use to get hired. A skilled SMM Specialist will never send you any template work. Instead, one will adopt it precisely to your business. The best option would be to add a vision for brand development and customer engagement.

A qualified SMM Specialist should ask the following questions during the first business meeting:

  • What is the description of your products or services?
  • What is your unique selling proposition?
  • How do your business offers differ from your competitors?
  • What is your target audience?
  • What kind of customer experience do you have while running your targeted advertising?
  • What is the number of your subscribers on social media?
  • What are the monthly or yearly conversions from your marketing campaigns?
  • What specific result do you expect to achieve in the next 3-6 months?

Examples of the interview questions you should consider asking your best candidates

The responses could be used to analyze the way of thinking and analytical abilities of SMM Specialists. See the sample questions below:

  • Can you please highlight the critical segments of the target audience for our project?
  • How will you examine these segments, and which one is the best to start with?
  • What kind of advertising posts would you use to begin your targeting advertising campaign and why?
  • Suggest several offers that can work in our particular targeting advertising?
  • What are some quick guidelines for the project’s website or landing pages?
  • Do you have satisfactory experience running targeted advertising campaigns in related areas?
  • Which SMM tools were the most and least effective in your targeted advertising campaigns?
  • What metrics should we focus on while advertising our business offers
  • Can you forecast any sales results based on our targeted advertising?

The following questions should be asked at the end of your interview with your best candidate:

  • Do you have alternatives on how to find the target customers if the options you use are inefficient?
  • Are you professional at copywriting, and will your content fit our advertising purposes?
  • Are you competent enough to manage all the technical settings of the Facebook Ads Manager?

Overall, a competent SMM Specialist will become a good friend and reliable business partner for your business. However, it doesn’t mean that you can call a friend at 2 a.m. and ask to provide you with a weekly project report.

The purpose of having a skilled Targeting Specialist is to find a person you completely trust and can be 100% confident one will complete all the promises and obligations.

7 Steps to Help You Understand Whether You Face a Self-proclaimed SMM Specialist or a True Professional During the Interview

1. Generous promises

A self-confessed SMM Specialist is generous with promises because he thinks everything is simple. He will talk about tremendous success from the beginning of your targeting advertising. It’s a huge mistake and a sign to you as a business owner that the “specialist” in front of you has never run full-scale advertising campaigns.

Every campaign should have a test period to prove the hypotheses and ensure the targeted audience matches your promotion. If one promises quick results without tests, you are facing a fake SMM Specialist. Even a true SMM Specialist with significant professional experience cannot forecast any results since he knows there is no guarantee to keep the promise by 100%.

2. No target market analysis

The Targeting Specialist should evaluate your target niche and ask many questions to understand and offer marketing positioning for your products or services. If an SMM Specialist has a few questions to ask or these questions are superficial, one is definitely not the best match for your business.

So, you can understand how deep your SMM Specialist can delve into your business offers based on the quality of questions. It also determines whether one will have enough skills to achieve your business goals.

A professional Targeting Specialist will surely ask questions about content marketing and the specifics of launching your targeting marketing campaigns. In all, a true SMM Specialist will ask you about your products or services, your target audience, your competitors, and so on.

3. No actions plan

A skilled SMM Specialist always has a plan to achieve your business goals. A self-proclaimed one doesn’t. Primarily, it refers to the segments of your target audience, content formats suitable to solve your clients’ problems, the ways to overcome alternative solutions from your competitors, etc.

Besides, the actions of self-named SMM Specialists are primarily chaotic. At least, one should make a few tests, like edit some content and improve some visuals to improve any achieved social media results.

If you see the same design elements and a couple of banners in your Facebook Ads Manager, such an SMM Specialist has no idea what to do next.

4. Ongoing communication

A self-confessed Targeting Specialist rarely gets in touch. Of course, everyone should have their own free time and weekends. However, if the SMM Specialist is silent for a long time and doesn’t respond to messages for several days, it is time to speed up the process and clarify the status of work and deadlines.

5. Portfolio and testimonials vs. leads and conversions

A qualified SMM Specialist usually has a portfolio and testimonials. Sometimes, a person doesn’t have case studies or occurs on the beginner steps to an SMM career. There is nothing wrong here – you can work with a beginner too.

Take advantage of our tips and recommendations on what you should know about a skilled SMM Specialist, and be sure to follow a comprehensive marketing strategy.

Whenever the Targeting Specialist presents himself as an experienced one but cannot run the targeted advertising campaigns and confirm the work done with customer reviews, it’s your time to investigate the issue.

If you have any doubts regarding the quality of work, go ahead and monitor the daily actions of your Facebook Ads Manager and the day-to-day operations of your SMM Specialist.

Thus, you will definitely see whether everything is in progress, or you should consider finding another Targeting Specialist to promote your business. The idea is to have at least 20% of conversion rates after the launch of each marketing campaign. If you don’t have such results, you know what to do next.

6. Split tests and conversions

All targeted advertising campaigns need constant adjustments. If your SMM campaign still contains similar ads, banners, and texts, be confident that your SMM Specialist cannot perform the job and keep all promises.

Overall, the success of any targeted SMM marketing campaign is based on continuous tests and improvements. A skilled Targeting Specialist will constantly update one’s ads after ongoing tests and strive to scale the conversion rates to achieve your business objectives.

7. Project reports and analytics

A qualified SMM Specialist usually delivers project reports one a regular basis, depending on the business model, project agreements, and business objectives. Otherwise, your Targeting Specialist most likely doesn’t understand your targeted marketing analytics and has no idea how to evaluate your metrics and make improvements.


These are some of the most crucial signs you should consider while hiring your Targeting Specialist. Also, don’t confuse self-proclaimed SMM Specialists with newbies.

Newbies don’t have a portfolio or testimonials. Still, they know how to run your Facebook Ads Manager, alter your marketing campaigns, and charge less for SMM services than digital agencies or professional SMM Specialists.

How to Structure Your Work with an SMM Specialist?

If you don’t know how to start working with a Targeting Specialist, don’t waste your time and money! Refer below to our proven step-by-step instructions and apply them in real-life projects:

Step 1: Fill in the brief and agree on the project outline

An SMM specialist in targeted advertising should evaluate your website and examine your previous targeted advertising campaigns. It is the only condition under which one may proceed with promoting your products or services.

Hence, provide your Targeting Specialist with detailed information on everything you know about your competitors and the target market as a whole. Also, consider the monthly advertising budget and key metrics indicating the effectiveness of the targeted marketing campaigns.

Having the brief and a Gant Chart will help you cooperate and achieve extraordinary results for your business.

Step 2: Analyze your target audience

The SMM Specialist should create the avatar of your target clients and problem areas in which your products or services could address clients’ needs. Your target audience should be split up into targeted segments. Each segment should have a specific interest, need, or problem area.

Step 3: Create an actions plan

Each Targeting Specialist has individual work standards. It’s better to understand them BEFORE launching your targeted advertising campaign. The more details you have, the greater the likelihood of high conversions. Also, there will be fewer unpleasant surprises for you as a business owner.

Ideally, the plan of targeted actions includes analysis of the target audience and pain points of the target market, setting up your Facebook Ads Manager, and creating design promos to advertise your products or services.

It also makes sense to test promotional posts for different target audiences with various designs and calls to action. Split tests make a difference in any business; the idea is to apply them regularly.

Step 4: Investigate your target audience and ask for contact information 

It’s the most critical step, so start using particular software to collect the personal details of your target clients. The SMM Specialist should define all the targeted segments to take the most advantage of the Facebook Ads Manager.

Step 5: Analyze your Facebook targeting advertising

Ideally, an SMM Specialist should create 5-10-20 advertisements for testing purposes. The goal is to use different posting formats, define which one works best, and benefit from its promotion to bring the cheapest leads to your business.

Scaling profitable Facebook Ads makes the maximum return on investment. So, don’t hesitate to show your ads to the vast majority of people based on your client avatar.

Also, mind conversions since the more people can see your targeted advertising, the more they will read about your business offers and purchase them.

Step 6: Send project reports on a weekly or monthly basis

A standard reporting for a professional SMM Specialist is once a month. If you are concerned about intermediate results, you could agree to share the work done every week or even daily. The idea is to constantly track progress and update your SMM strategy based on your targeted advertising outcomes.

The best project report should have all key metrics and indications of each advert’s start and endpoints. It should also have a list of performed actions and spent dollars for each targeted marketing campaign.

It could also have the improvement insights of a Targeting Specialist and iterations of ads during split tests. The goal is to understand the difference between expenses on targeted advertising and any generated return on investment.

Irrespective of the Targeting Specialist and their reporting procedure, it always makes sense to discuss all the details in advance.

At times, it makes sense to ask for daily reports. Such a situation usually takes place in specific scenarios. Either the SMM Specialist just started working on your project or had no result for a long time.


To determine the payment rates for the position of a Targeting Specialist, you should investigate the work experience, portfolio, testimonials, case studies, etc.

Today, targeting experts are in great demand. We cannot be 100% sure what will happen next, but, most likely, the need for professional Targeting Specialists will significantly increase shortly.

Social media advertising will not disappear, and more online entrepreneurs are willing to attract more target customers in their target niches.

The advertising budget is expenditure supplemental to the wage of the Targeting Specialist. So, remember that you need money to promote your products or services and scale your business in short and long-term perspectives.

What is the Best Place to Find an Experienced SMM Specialist? 

What should entrepreneurs know as not to waste time taking Targeted Advertising courses? First of all, they should understand that they don’t need such knowledge and experience. Instead, they need skilled Social Media Marketers.

So, where do these highly competent SMM Specialists “live”? 

Let’s think from a different perspective. An opposite angle of finding an experienced Targeting Specialists lies in knowing the best place to find high-paying clients.

So, where should you go to find high-paying gigs? 

There are many recruitment websites on the Internet where you can look for SMM Specialists:

  • Freelance sites

Here, the target customers post different job offers, and SMM Specialists offer their services in return. It’s an appropriate place to find the best candidate.

  • Social media

Social media channels are merely used for entertainment and communication purposes. However, most business people use them to offer jobs. Qualified people use them to find employment, including social media marketing positions.

For example, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn help both parties find the perfect match while creating extraordinary benefits for the target markets.

  • YouTube

You can find many work examples here. As a professional, you can see whether you wish to work at any particular company based on any produced content and promoted business offers.

As a business owner, you can search for talented professionals, including SMM Specialists, based on their social media profiles and approach to their self-promotion strategies.

  • Headhunting services

In many cases, professionals should pay for an opportunity to find high-paying gigs. The websites, such as, have many job offers but the average wage differs based on whether you have a paid or free account.

SMM Specialists with a significant portfolio, case studies, and high-quality experience in any particular niche rarely visit such resources, but it’s worth considering.

  • Job boards

CareerBuilder, Glassdoor, Indeed, and similar sites are perfect places to find high-scale professionals, especially those related to target advertising.

Some job boards provide opportunities for discussions on various job offers and the competencies of specialists. In such cases, all the comments under posts and any further discussions ultimately lead to finding the best candidate for your business needs.

  • Personal acquaintances

The easiest way is word of mouth. You should be ready to hear that a specialist running your targeting advertising campaign may not be as good as the one who shared recommendations.

Similarly, if you Google for “SMM Specialist on Instagram,” – you can find many Targeting Specialists offering their services online while building their list of subscribers.

  • Upwork and similar sites

You can find a Targeting Specialist here at reasonable prices. However, you will have to take your time to find SMM Specialists ready to deliver high-quality work regularly.

Such sites are primarily for newbies, but they could help you manage the working process while searching for professional Targeting Specialists.

  • Conferences and business events

It is a great way to find extraordinary professionals, but it takes time and money to visit several conferences and business summits. There is no guarantee you will find the best candidate while talking to several people sitting next to you.


Before any interview, take a look at the websites of a particular SMM Specialist. Be sure that not all of them have sites, but they may have social media pages helping to find high-paying clients.

Pay attention to their posts and articles, read them attentively. Think of whether they share helpful content or simply publish general information for the sake of social media exposure.

The next step is to select the best 10 candidates and send them a message asking them to join an interview at a prestigious company.

If an SMM Specialist regularly posts new articles, shares target niche news, it means his clients are real. Most likely, such a Targeting Specialist is the best match to promote your business offers.

Besides, it’s not always about money. Instead, it’s about building trust, loyalty, and reputation in the target marketplace. In fact, every happy customer is a source of a well-versed case study and demonstration of one’s competencies.

Also, remember the tips and recommendations shared in this article. Don’t get fooled by false promises, such as “I’ll find 100 clients for you by the end of the month, just increase the monthly budget.”

Always remember, professional SMM Specialists will never tell you the precise number of leads they can generate during the next Targeting marketing campaign.

It’s all about the list of preliminary social media activities we talked about in this article. It is also about using split tests and a significant time frame to build a reputation and customer loyalty with any allocated budget.

There are top experts in some niches, but even they cannot promise you any particular metrics, especially about your leads or conversions, without any preparatory work and several ongoing targeting advertising campaigns.

Social media marketing is all about monitoring the target market, collecting the data, understanding the critical pain points, and offering a solution to the target audience through targeted advertising.

Such an approach is the most accurate, and it is always challenging to find such SMM professionals who you could trust your time, business, and money.

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Post Scriptum

We are happy to hear about your insights about getting hired or recruiting SMM Specialists in different niches. If you have any questions or concerns about your business development through targeted adverting, please share your message. You are always welcome to leave your comments and get in touch with us!

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