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What You Should Do to Make from 4 Figures Monthly Writing for International Companies in the Next 3 Months

What You Should Do to Make from 4 Figures Monthly Writing for International Companies in the Next 3 Months

All-in-One & Step-by-Step Road Map on How to Become a Contributor to International Businesses

Reading time – 33 minutes.


  • Becoming a contributor to global brands is an opportunity to share your message and add value to humanity;
  • Expert freelance writers can make from 4 figures monthly to 7 figures per year writing about anything they prefer;
  • Content development is the contemporary money-making machine that shows people how advertised products or services can solve their problems;
  • The global Content Marketing Industry is expected to reach $137 Million by the end of 2021;
  • An average international company spends $10K per month on content development;
  • Large enterprises spend up to $5 Million on developing high-quality content each year;
  • Content marketing is creating and sharing valuable information for free to attract the target audience and convert prospects into repeated clients through blogging, email marketing, or podcasts;
  • Copywriting is a hidden way of asking the target readers to purchase your business offers, subscribe to your email list, or get in touch through direct mail, sales pages, or adverts;
  • A freelance writer is an independent contributor who shares one’s message through helpful content, including but not limited to newsletters, e-books, articles, adverts, web pages, sales copies, white papers, etc.;
  • Writing for content mills is a crucial mistake for the vast majority of freelance writers;
  • SEO writing, digital marketing, communication abilities, blogging, research, data management, style, and self-editing are the top skills of expert freelance writers;
  • Professional freelance writers should always set a power goal to get from point A to point B in their careers;
  • Every freelance writer should eliminate psychological barriers to get paid at top writing rates;
  • Your high energy and a clear goal will bring you strength on the road to becoming an influencer in your target niche;
  • Understanding supply and demand for content are crucial to getting exposure as a freelance writer in your target niche;
  • Marketing your content is vital to selling your freelance writing services at top rates;


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I put content in this article in the form of answers to most freelance writers’ most intriguing and challenging questions. Besides, the vast majority of aspects discussed here are rare on the web, and it is the reason I put them all together briefly in one place.


In this complete Freelance Writing Guide, you will learn:

  • Why does it make sense to become a contributor to international businesses?
  • How could you make from 4 figures monthly to 7 figures per year writing about anything you prefer?
  • What are the target industry trends and marketplace growth perspectives?
  • What is content development, and why it matters today?
  • What is the difference between content marketing and copywriting?
  • Who is a freelance writer, and what are the core benefits of such a profession?
  • How you personally can make $100/hour?
  • What are the primary soft and hard skills you should develop as a freelance writer?
  • What are the 56 most common freelance writers’ problems you should solve?
  • What are the top 47+1 crucial mistakes of most freelance writers you should avoid?
  • How to get from point A to point B for beginner and advanced writers?
  • How to eliminate psychological barriers that stop you from becoming an expert writer?
  • How to find energy and strength on the road to becoming an influencer in the target niche?
  • How to define supply and demand as a freelance writer in your target niche?
  • How to market and sell your freelance writing services at top rates?

Why Does it Make Sense to Become a Contributor to International Businesses?

Being a contributor to any global commercial enterprise is a huge responsibility, trust of the target audience, and loyalty of the publishing company. It is an incredible opportunity to share your message and thus improve the lives of your target readers for the better.

At the same time, it is a great chance to get paid writing about what you prefer and use such a source of income to create a lifestyle you deserve. Besides, getting paid at high rates is a goal for many freelance writers searching for a remote dream job.

Irrespective of why most writers enter the target industry, becoming a contributor to global brands is a great way to educate yourself in your sphere of interest. It is the best option to improve your personal qualities and professional qualifications while becoming an expert and promoting your products or services in your target market.

If you are interested, continue reading the article to the end to know how to GET HIRED by the top 250 international companies that can pay you to write in 2021.

How Could You Make from 4 Figures Monthly to 7 Figures per Year Writing about Anything You Prefer?

According to Statista, more than 44 000 writers and authors are hired to write publicly for international companies in the United States as of 2020:


Based on the data from PayScale, the average base salary of writers is more than $51K/year. Considering the data in the graph below, the total pay, including wage, profit sharing, commissions, bonuses, tips, overtime hours, etc., can get you up to $101K/year.

Thus, a bare minimum you can earn writing is more than $4K/month, while the maximum is almost $8,5K/month. See the graph below for more details across the writers hired by American companies:


Now, let us think about the freelance writers’ market share.

As stated by AskWonder, the United States freelance writers’ market was 17% in 2020, which equals 204 million writers out of 1.2 billion freelancers. See the graph below for details:


Consistent with Freelance Statistics, Trends, and Insights Report by Ddiy, 90% of freelance writers can earn up to $63 an hour. Simultaneously, freelance content marketers and copywriters make up to $250 an hour.

On average, freelance writers dedicate 8 hours a day multiplied by 20 days a month to work, which is equivalent to more than $10K+/month as a minimum and $40K/month based on the Ddiy statistics.

As you become more experienced as a freelance writer, you can pitch to international companies that pay $1 per word and more. Such businesses need around 20 articles each month where each piece in a particular niche is approximately 2,500 words.


Thus, a single article generates you $2,5K or $50K/monthly from the only company. Most professional writers contribute to 10 global businesses on average each month. In general, they can write 3 articles a day, which multiplies their income to $150K/month.

According to Contently, getting to 7 figures becomes possible as an industry influencer with a specific exposure and proficiency in a particular area of expertise. Depending on the company, the number of years writing, and your target niche, you can make up to $7K for a single blog post. See the table below for other examples:


Considering the ways to make 7 figures a year and $7K blog posts, you need to write around 140+ articles per year or approximately 11 articles per month.


Take a look at the research studies of a famous writer, Carol Tice, on how much freelance writers make in reality and how much they can make if they know the best practices to improve their quality of writing and get hired by global brands.

Freelance Writing Rates: What Hard-Working Writers Earn in 2020


Overall, these numbers differ based on the professional competencies of freelance writers and personalized agreements with editors of top media sites. However, you see, it is more than possible for a highly experienced freelance writer.

So, here is how a freelance writer can make from 4 figures monthly to 7 figures per year by writing expert content. Now a question arises on how to achieve such a level of professionalism? Continue reading to dive deeper into the target content development industry, and you will find the answer to your question.

What are the Target Industry Trends and Marketplace Growth Perspectives?

As said by Forbes and CNBC, Writing Revolt Survey shows that the top 3 freelance writing niches are Finance, B2B Marketing, and Software as a Service (SaaS), where 67% of freelance writers make more than $3K/month even after Covid-19. See the infographic below for more details:


Before Covid-19, the market analysts predicted the content marketing industry to reach $9+ billion in 2023.

The pandemic made global companies enhance their online value through brand journalism and content marketing, and now based on expert predictions, it is likely to exceed $417 billion by 2025.

Power Publish states that the most credible target niches search for experienced freelance writers in:

  • B2B;
  • SaaS;
  • Tech;
  • Medicine;
  • Technical Writing;
  • Long-Form Copywriting.

Moss Media reports that 84% of B2B marketers outsource marketing content writing to international freelance writers.

As per Research Dive and Globe News Wire, the global content marketing industry is expected to generate revenue of $137+ million by the end of 2026.

Small Biz Genius concludes the following statistics on content development in 2021:

  • 84% of Internet users expect global brands to create content;
  • 88% of B2B marketers believe that high-quality content makes their target readers perceive their companies as credible and trusted resources of products or services;

All the information stated above claims that premium quality content has become the modern commodity, thus making global brands invest millions of dollars in its development for the next decade.

As a result, freelance writers will be in high demand for their professional writing services. So, today is the best time to enter the target industry and create a dream lifestyle you deserve!

What is Content Development and Why It Matters Today?

HubSpot notes that contemporary understanding of high-quality content relates to content marketing best practices:

  • It helps global businesses to attract their target audience for a longer time;
  • High-quality social media posts lead to better traction and trust of the target followers;
  • Premium content sharing value always leads to more leads and repeated clients;
  • Original content equals high conversions in any targeted niche;
  • Content marketing also adds more value to the use of SEO;
  • Meaningful content positions any business as an authority in the target marketplace;
  • Content helps to increase brand awareness and create loyal business fans;
  • Top-quality content allows companies to save budget due to exceptional content marketing strategy.

Forbes claims content marketing indeed matters for global brands:

  • Content is vital for long-term lead generation;
  • Google cares about high-quality content, and so should international businesses;
  • Content helps to understand the needs of brands’ target clients;
  • Content marketing builds credibility more than any other digital advertising tool.

What is the Difference between Content Marketing and Copywriting?

Copy Blogger offers the following definitions: 

  • Content marketing is developing and sharing valuable information for free to attract the target audience and convert prospects into repeated clients through blogging, email marketing, or podcasts;
  • Copywriting is a hidden way of asking the target readers to purchase your business offers, subscribe to your email list, or contact you through direct mail, sales pages, or adverts.


Copy Blogger concludes that content without copywriting is a waste of great content, while copywriting without content is a waste of genuine copy.

 Who is a Freelance Writer, and What are the Core Benefits of Such a Profession?

The Balance Small Business, a part of the Dotdash publishing family, defines that a freelance writer is an independent contributor who shares one’s message through helpful content, including but not limited to newsletters, e-books, articles, adverts, web pages, sales copies, white papers, etc.;

Freelance writers can develop high-quality content primarily in any targeted niche. It is why most businesses look for professional content marketers and copywriters and why so many writers today seek to learn the art of content development.

During medieval times, the word “freelance” was related to offering services to anyone who could pay for mercenaries. At those times, it was called “free lance.” Today, freelance writers don’t have a sword, but they can use their writing skills to pick the words that matter to almost 9 billion people on the planet.


 Today, many small, medium-sized, or large international companies are willing to hire professional freelance writers to contribute their voice and thus scale the businesses more effectively. The terms of work they provide differ from part-time to full-time positions with both online and offline working opportunities.

Meanwhile, expert freelance writers pitch global brands to share their message through the most beneficial freelance writing gigs, either one-time or ongoing.

How You Personally Can Make $100/hour!

Previously, I presented statistics on the earning potential of many thriving freelance writers ranging from 4 figures monthly to 7 figures a year on selling freelance writing services. However, it is essential to share more facts concerning the payment rates across the target industry.

Small Biz Trends indicates the following data about freelance writers’ payment rates you should know to make $100/hour:


1. It takes time

  • 60% of high-paying writers have 6+ years of professional writing experience

2. Companies pay more for short blog posts 

  • 50% of businesses pay $300-$500+ for short blog posts

3. Long blog posts are paid at similar rates

  • 50% of companies pay $300-$500+ for long posts over 1000 words

4. The target industry pays top rates for 500+ words articles

  • 48% pay from $0,7 to $1 per word;
  • 32% pay from $0,4 to $0,7 per word;
  • 10% pay from $0,2 to $0,4 per word;
  • 11% pay from $0,2 per word or less;

5. Long articles equals big paychecks

  • 36% of writers earn $1 per word for articles longer than 1000 words

6. Blogging has the highest payment rates

  • 1st prize – Blog posts
  • 2nd prize – Copywriting and white papers
  • 3rd prize – Articles

7. Writers using content marketing best practices are in high demand 

  • 55% of writers have a strong referral network and positive word of mouth
  • 24% take advantage of pitch letters, such as writing queries and introduction emails
  • 11% benefit from inbound leads, such as LinkedIn profiles and writer websites

8. Premium writers don’t use content mills

  • 0% of top writers ever use Upwork and its alternatives or any kind of online job boards
  • 86% of premium writers charge $75+ an hour

Based on the above information, you will never think about working for content mills and seek the most rewarding freelance writing opportunities you deserve!

What are the Primary Soft and Hard Skills You Should Develop as a Freelance Writer?


 7 Top Skills of Freelance Writers 

Initially, there are 7 most essential skills for efficient freelance writers, such as the ones below:

  1. Get to Know Your Audience;
  2. Use the Right Tone for Copywriting in Your Niche;
  3. Stress Your Unique Value Proposition;
  4. Use Copywriting to Solve the Pain Issues of Clients;
  5. Leverage Your Social Proof;
  6. Delete the Fluff from your Freelance Writer’s Career;
  7. Optimize Your Work with a Proven Test Model and Scale Globally.

At the same time, all these skills correspond to both soft and hard skills professional writers need to scale to become successful in a freelance writing arena.

In fact, both beginner and advanced writers should understand they require different skills based on their writing for clients. Such differences mainly depend on the target market and the ultimate needs of the target customers.

Let’s think about the contrast between the ultimate set of soft and hard skills required to become professional freelance writers.

Hard Skills

Clients can always teach and measure these skills, and they are crucial to doing the job correctly and winning high-paying gigs. Overall, they all refer to the professional competencies of freelance writers.

For example:

  • Aptitude to focus on scaling one’s freelance writing career;
  • Experience in marketing, blogging, design, programming, social media, etc.
  • Ability to work with particular software requested by clients;
  • Expertise in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to find the right keywords and know how to promote the business offers of clients more effectively;
  • Understanding of how to keep, balance, and maintain all the required accounting records;
  • Knowing computer programs, hardware, or software to qualify for articular writing tasks;
  • Ability to take business management initiative and responsibility for business outcomes;
  • Skills related to monitoring business growth, customer outreach, and return on investments;
  • Ability to manage time effectively to meet the business needs and achieve high-profit margins;
  • Strong writing skills, including grammar, spelling, punctuation, style, tone, voice, concise language, analysis, the flow of writing, proofreading, and editing;
  • Ability to write clean and easy to understand copy;
  • Skill to conduct research and develop it into new material;
  • Experience in finding, analyzing, and reporting information to make your writing trustworthy and beneficial;
  • Understanding what is crucial today to stay in demand for one’s writing services;
  • Effectively pitch the target audience and learn the best client outreach practices to stay on the top of the target market;
  • Etc.

Soft Skills

Overall, soft skills correspond to the personality of freelance writers. In other words, these are the personal or inborn qualities of people compared to hard skills that writers can gain.

All of them can help freelance writers to perform better in specific roles. In fact, all the soft skills are essential for any job position, and they are also in high demand for freelance writers.

For example:

  • Strong communication and networking skills;
  • Ability to follow directions of clients in detail;
  • Friendly and easygoing approach and ability to act professionally despite circumstances;
  • Critical thinking and reasoning, especially when there is a need to work under pressure;
  • Ability to fly solo, handle rejection, accept and learn from criticism;
  • Capacity to stay calm and organized, especially in tense situations;
  • Being able to type quickly and accurately without the loss of high-quality;
  • Talent to appreciate constructive criticism and draw reasonable conclusions;
  • Being self-motivated and disciplined to monitor individual performance;
  • Accountability and strength to keep promises and deliver on deadlines;
  • Being comfortable marketing your skills and stay on the cutting edge of new trends and global innovations;
  • Continue to learn in a specific niche to effectively translate what clients want into what they actually need;
  • Etc.

What are the 56 Most Common Freelance Writers’ Problems You Should Solve?


 Analyzing the target freelance writing market today makes expert writers clearly understand that professional writers are in higher demand than ever before …

There are many problems that freelance writers should learn to overcome regularly, and I am offering you a list of issues that beginner and advanced writers face nowadays.

So, either at the beginning or in the middle of your freelance writing career, it makes sense to investigate the best ways of dealing with all these problems to become a highly demanded contributor that international companies would hire in the first place.

Here is the list of problems to consider:

  1. Finding work;
  2. Getting clients to pay;
  3. Dealing with price negotiations;
  4. Scope creep;
  5. Managing time;
  6. Loneliness and isolation;
  7. Dealing with difficult people;
  8. Coming up with ideas to write about;
  9. Not having experience;
  10. Dealing with distractions;
  11. Getting paid enough;
  12. Writing without a portfolio;
  13. Not having enough work;
  14. Lack of confidence;
  15. Not understanding marketing;
  16. Maintaining clients;
  17. Imposter syndrome;
  18. Finding clients and writing gigs;
  19. Too much competition;
  20. Research, research, and more research;
  21. Clients that request endless re-writes;
  22. Be ready to work more than 12 hours daily;
  23. Late payments and sometimes no payment at all;
  24. The utter lack of work;
  25. Writer’s psychological blocks;
  26. Lack of productivity;
  27. The fear of selling;
  28. Inability to get traction;
  29. Overbearing clients;
  30. Lack of organization or direction from clients;
  31. Lifestyle;
  32. Emotional breakdown;
  33. Lack of rest;
  34. Fear;
  35. Perfectionism;
  36. Lack of consistency month to month;
  37. Vague requests;
  38. Micromanaging clients;
  39. Unreliable clients;
  40. Poor communication;
  41. Low payment;
  42. Finding motivation;
  43. Late payment;
  44. Feeling uninspired;
  45. Being easily distracted;
  46. Finding your support system;
  47. Replacing your benefits;
  48. Not enough time;
  49. Creatively blocked;
  50. Lack of focus;
  51. Being authentic;
  52. Dealing with rejection;
  53. Being original;
  54. Lack of support from the people around you;
  55. Dealing with criticism;
  56. Ridiculous and unrealistic deadlines;

Overall, these problems are frequent in the target market. The best way to overcome them is to predict each issue with support and guidance from an international contributor with a proven record of social exposure and willingness to share one’s professional freelance writing experience.

So, think about finding the freelance writing expert who can share the best practices of how you could get to where the expert contributor operates already!

What are the Top 47+1 Crucial Mistakes of Most Freelance Writers You Should Avoid?


Both beginner and experienced writers make typical mistakes while promoting their writing services in the target industry. So, why not learn the best freelance writing practices to avoid them at the beginning of your career?

Believe it or not, many writers struggle to solve these problems on their own while trying to invent solutions that may not work at all.

On the contrary, finding a mentorship program that will provide you with an expert guide and ongoing support makes sense and will surely help you prevent yourself from making all these mistakes.

The following information closely relates to the most frequent problems freelance writers face today. So, you should evaluate each mistake below and make sure you never make them as a freelance writer, irrespective of your career path:

  1. Continue working for a company that owes you money;
  2. Write if you find it not challenging enough for oneself and have no confidence you are ready to write for years;
  3. Not being your own boss and treating your freelance writing career as your business;
  4. Missing an action plan to scale your freelance writing business as a contributor to global brands;
  5. Don’t follow up with your previous clients in search of new high-paying gigs;
  6. Never follow up with your recent pitch emails reminding the editors about the absolute value you can bring to their company if they sign a writing contract with you;
  7. Send pitches that do not bring value to a specific site you intend to contribute your piece of writing;
  8. Not asking the details before you start writing, such as word count, frequency, payment schedule, etc.
  9. Make numerous mistakes, such as grammar, spelling, formatting, punctuation, style, tone, voice, concise language, analysis, the flow of writing after proofreading and self-editing both in your pitches and writing pieces;
  10. Take the initiative only when you don’t have clients;
  11. Don’t use Project Management System to monitor your writing performance and think of improvement perspectives;
  12. Not running a personal niche website and blog as an expert to showcase your portfolio and win high-paying gigs in less time and with fewer efforts;
  13. Being too confident, especially at the beginning of your freelance writing career;
  14. Not having time to learn new skills required to stay in demand within your target market;
  15. Writing in broad niches, instead of concentrating on a single one and becoming an expert with a significant social media exposure;
  16. Not using different social media channels specific to the needs of your clients to showcase your professional experience;
  17. Continue working for your clients while not dedicating a single hour to work on your personal projects daily;
  18. Not working regular hours to stay with your family and recover from hard work;
  19. Working harder than your customers expect;
  20. Not paying attention to your hourly rates;
  21. Allowing interruptions, especially in your most effective working hours;
  22. Continue working for clients you can’t stand;
  23. Not having an accounting system to keep track of your professional achievements and identify the most efficient ways to scale your freelance writing business;
  24. Becoming a workaholic and skipping the time with your friends and family consistently;
  25. Quoting your price before asking for complete project requirements;
  26. Not setting business goals reflecting your professional competencies and personal achievements that correspond to your finances;
  27. Letting your target competition determine your individual prices;
  28. Not communicating professionally in all stages of your freelance writing interactions;
  29. Overbooking yourself because you underestimated your actual value irrespective of your reasons;
  30. Assuming your freelance writer’s life will be easy;
  31. Not meeting the deadlines and informing your clients you need more time in advance;
  32. Starting a freelance writing career without side customers;
  33. Failing to learn the art of landing high-paying Freelance Writing Gigs in advance;
  34. Pitching your ideas in the places that have nothing to do with your target clients;
  35. Never following the instructions of your target clients while working on your freelance writing assignments;
  36. Spending your gained freelance writing income without paying your taxes;
  37. Undercharging your target customers or setting your rates too high without a significant portfolio;
  38. Not learning to sell your writing services professionally to win high-paying clients;
  39. Making wrong decisions with the income you make by offering your writing services;
  40. Being difficult to work with on both short and long-term perspectives;
  41. Not delivering enough value to your freelance writing clients;
  42. Accepting all the incoming job offers because you need money;
  43. Underestimating the benefits that your social media profiles could bring to your freelance writing business;
  44. Making similar mistakes more than one time;
  45. Taking criticism poorly instead of taking notes and improving your personal qualities or professional qualifications;
  46. Making your target buyers chase you to get their job done;
  47. Not using SEO as your target market advantage while promoting your writing services;
  48. + 1 Crucial mistake… Writing for content mills assuming you get paid what you deserve with overtime and hard-working hours;

The target industry illustrates that most professional writers make a single but critical mistake working for years on various content mills and their alternatives… 

The truth is that you should NEVER start your freelance writing career working from 10 to 16 hours a day making pennies!

Instead, you should take advantage of a proven and road-tested approach used by expert writers

How to Get from Point A to Point B for Beginner and Advanced Writers?

Many freelance writers seek to find solutions that can help them overcome hard working hours and instantly become famous and published by global brands.

The TRUTH is that professionalism takes effort, time, and mentorship to achieve the most favorable results. In any case, one should clearly understand what comes at the beginning of a freelance writing career and what could become in the end.

For example, Eben Pagan made $100+ million in sales of his digital products in 10 years using copywriting and content marketing best practices…


These steps are somewhat different for beginner and advanced writers. Still, the focus is on illustrating the career part and its similarities while providing you with a roadmap to becoming a successful freelance writer.

So, here are the most significant steps each freelance writer takes to get from zero to hero:

Beginner Writers:

Point A

  • There are no skills on how to create exciting and valuable content;
  • There is no understanding of what copywriting is and what is the difference between copywriting and content marketing;
  • There is no knowledge of how and where to look for clients;
  • There is no clue of how much the services cost on the target market;
  • There is no vision of freelance writer’s education, all the following work, and earning prospects.

Point B

  • A complete understanding of the content marketing industry;
  • Awareness of critical points, knowing your target audience and working conditions;
  • Skill in the art of communication with clients;
  • Hands-on experience in writing most demanded types of content;
  • Knowing the cost of services and the demand for content types in the target market;
  • A vision of the best place to study further and what skills to improve.

Experienced Writers:

Point A

  • There are primary writing skills, but there is no vision of how to scale the freelance writing business;
  • There is an illusion about the actual cost of services in the target market;
  • There is little experience but a clear understanding that you need further education to achieve your writer’s goals;
  • There is no idea of what to change to win high-paying gigs;
  • There is a gap in understanding how to negotiate the best terms of work;
  • There is no vision of better prospects followed by inner fears and impostor syndrome.

Point B 

  • A thorough understanding of the content marketing industry;
  • Knowing your niche target audience;
  • Understanding the best ways to negotiate on favorable terms;
  • Improved skill in communicating with the target clients;
  • Hands-on experience in writing most demanded types of content in your particular niche;
  • Knowing the actual cost of services and the best ways to sell highly demanded content types;
  • A vision of the best place to study further and what skills to improve.

So, it makes sense to try to learn the art of content development. The FIRST STEP begins with your professional education since it is always better to have someone coach you every step of your way to greatness as a freelance writer!

How to Eliminate Psychological Barriers that Stop You from Becoming an Expert Writer?

Most people think once they have finished an MBA, they will find the best job ever and start making money. In reality, having professional competencies, in theory, does not necessarily mean you know how to act in real-life scenarios.

Indeed, your MBA can help you build the foundation for your future career, including an opportunity to become a freelance writer. However, you should do a lot of self-work to become professional in your sphere of interest, even though you already have an MBA.

In the vast majority of cases, your most significant barriers are the sources of your most powerful sources of strengths!

So, investigate the following 12 spheres of YOUR LIFE and try to find anything that holds you down:


The areas of your life that make you feel negative are the ones you should improve in the first place. Once you act towards a positive change in a single sphere, it will automatically impact all other areas of your life. 

Ideally, life coaching and business mentorship programs are the most common solutions to the psychological barriers that stop many freelance writers like yourself from becoming expert writers and influencers in any particular niche. 

Similarly, content marketing and copywriting will improve your freelance writing career and ultimately improve other areas of your life, thus shaping a better future and a better version of yourself.

How to Find Energy and Strength on the Road to Becoming an Influencer in Your Target Niche?

Learning to generate energy for life does not always correspond to freelance writing. Instead, you should find alternative solutions to fuel yourself with energy that will help you become a freelance writing influencer in your particular target niche.

Review the checklist of things you should do each day in different spheres of life to put yourself in a resourceful state of mind:

Develop New Skills

  1. Keep an Open Mind
  • Redefine what is and is not possible;
  • Be willing to find value in people, events, and things you come across;
  • Say, “Yes, I can do this,” and push yourself to do what others might think is impossible;
  • Get out of your comfort zone and expand your horizons;
  1. Be Confident
  • Self-confidence means you like and trust yourself;
  • Visualize being successful every day;
  • Accept compliments and praise knowing you deserve them;
  • Keep a diary of your successes;
  1. Be Creative
  • Think about how an experienced mechanic can do amazing things with after-market parts and a little ingenuity;
  • Let your mind wander, and don’t stop yourself from generating new creative ideas;
  1. Be Proactive
  • Be more than an idle observer, participate actively, get involved and take the initiative to find solutions;
  • Don’t simply react to events, people, challenges, and information but engage and influence them so you can make fundamental contributions to any situation;
  1. Be Persistent
  • Think about what motivates you;
  • Develop a firm discipline;
  • Never consider not succeeding right away as a failure – consider it as practice and experience;
  1. Be Positive
  • Think of all the times you dealt with a crisis or difficult situations and the success stories that arose from those tough times;
  • Remember that each time you overcome a problem, you become a better and more robust version of yourself;
  • Improve your personality and professional by learning new things and enriching your life;
  • Learn to accept and encourage other people;
  • Identify your challenges and fears so that you can work on improving or overcoming them;

Anticipate Problems

  1. Be Prepared
  • Build a tool kit and learn to use it;
  • Practice makes perfect;
  • Anticipate likely problems and deal with them before they become problems;
  • Practice being resourceful before the pressure is on;
  1. Manage Your Time
  • Depending on the situation, work longer hours, ask for more time, respect the time of others, or implement temporary measures while you can develop something more permanent;
  • Minimize distractions and interruptions;
  • Remember to be patient;
  1. Communicate with Other People
  • Human contacts can be collected as a resource in advance;
  • If possible, offer people favors before you need to ask for anything yourself;
  1. Make Money Doing What You Love
  • Ask people for money in return for your offer;
  • Get a job to earn regular money as a steady resource;
  • Treat your job or business as a school while learning to obtain money;

Examine Each Particular Situation

  1. Evaluate the Situation
  • Think about the problem as a creative way to find a creative solution;
  • Understand the nature of the problem and what you need to solve it;
  • Don’t panic, but treat pressure not as a motivator but as your persistence to succeed;
  • Remember that finding a solution to the problem is better than worrying about it;
  1. Assess What Resources are Available to You Already
  • Think of what you have available already, such as objects, resources, knowledge, people, and opportunities;
  • Consider how you can apply them to solve your problem;
  1. Set Inspiring Goals
  • Keep in mind that every day is a chance to influence what you want your life to become;
  • Remember to be happy with the experience you have now and always recognize your progress;
  • Start small and contribute to get better results and play big;
  • Follow through and act proactively to predict your results;
  1. Pick out Specifics
  • Seek information about similar issues that were solved by other people;
  • Take your time to conduct research and read about your challenge or problem;
  • Mine your own resources;
  • Recognize that you don’t know everything and be ready to learn whenever you need;

Learn to Solve Problems

  1. Break the Rules
  • Never apologize for your success unless there are actual offenses;
  1. Improvise
  • Experiment since your mistakes brings more experience and expertise;
  • Adapt to find new solutions;
  • Don’t be afraid to use objects in unconventional ways;
  • Don’t forget about the value of intangibles, such as sunlight, gravity, and goodwill, as they could be used in your favor and advantage;
  1. Use Situations to Get Benefits
  • Enjoy a cup of coffee or browse a nearby store if you missed the bus and the next one doesn’t come for another hour;
  • Use snow as shelter or ice as a building material if the weather is freezing;
  • Use fear to motivate you as it will drive you to get out of a bad situation;
  • Harness your energy to think of a solution and take action;
  • Take advantage of your emotions to find strong incentives and perform better and more efficiently;
  1. Act Fast
  • Remember that not making decisions costs you, whether it results in lost earnings or revenue, a less than planetary reputation, or career problems;
  • Make quick decisions about small matters to benefit and get things done;
  • Motivate yourself to reduce stress and improve your productivity with positive and quick decision-making principles;
  • Start somewhere since procrastination does not help you to reach your goals;
  • Take the first step by taking action to finish one task before you start another one;
  1. Learn From Your Mistakes
  • Play a few hands at once;
  • Realize that sometimes your plan might not work out;
  • Work on multiple angles for the same problem;
  • Always have a plan “B” and “C” ready in advance;
  1. Ask for Help
  • Whether you need a bus fare to get home, good ideas, moral support, the use of a phone, or simply extra hands, involve others if you can;
  • Brainstorming together may result in some great, joint solutions;
  • If one or two people are not enough, find out if you could form a team or task force;

Unleash Your True Potential

  1. Reveal Your Internal Source of Energy
  • Put work into your relationships;
  • Arm yourself with knowledge;
  • Be honest about your weaknesses;
  • Focus on getting things done;
  • Don’t take shortcuts, do it quickly and effectively;
  • Optimize your systems;
  • Be realistic;
  1. Learn to Become a Resourceful Person Irrespective of Circumstances
  • Continually develop new skills;
  • Know your strengths and weaknesses;
  • Give yourself time to think before you generate creative ideas to solve your problems;
  • Leverage the resources you have already by applying them to achieve better results;
  • Welcome and appreciate all your problems and challenges;
  1. Understand the Benefits of Being a Resourceful Person
  • Higher levels of focus and concentration;
  • Greater mental strength;
  • Stronger relationships;
  • Better creativity;
  • Increased self-confidence;
  • Willingness to take risks;
  • Not allowing precedent to determine if something is possible;
  • Become proactive rather than reactive;
  • Solve problems faster;
  • View everything as an opportunity;
  1. Promote Resourcefulness in Yourself and Others
  • Don’t reinvent the wheel;
  • Leverage your network;
  • Learn everything you can about how to find information;
  • Teach resourceful habits to your family and your team at work;
  • Keep in mind that Resourcefulness = Necessity + Creativity + Persistence;
  1. Remember Why it is Important to be Resourceful for You Personally
  • Resourcefulness leads to personal growth within all domains;
  • Resourcefulness places the power at your feet;
  • Resourcefulness brings out the best in you from a solution and problem-solving standpoint;
  • Resourcefulness places you above the masses;
  • We have more opportunity to do what we want, as well as when we want, and how we want;
  1. Master Your Personal and Professional Life as an Artwork
  • Gain control of your habits (health habits, emotional habits, money habits, etc.);
  • Take control of our identity (read books on resourcefulness, develop rules of thumb for behavior, learn from other highly resourceful people);
  • Remember, what gets measured usually gets managed, so keep an eye on what happens in your business, health, relationships, etc.

Remember that you are a human in the first place and only afterward – a freelance writer.

So, learn to act accordingly in every sphere of your life!

How to Define Supply and Demand as a Freelance Writer in Your Target Niche?


Understanding supply and demand in real business is entirely different from what you learn as a student of a professional educational institution.

Today, merely universities, such as Stanford, Oxford, Princeton, Cambridge, Yale, Harvard, and similar, can indeed provide you with both theory and practice that match actual business matters. Still, it is an extremely high cost and time-consuming investment, especially nowadays …

So, as a freelance writer, you need to develop your personal vision for writing as your future career and business as a whole: 

  • Think differently and perceive the target market from the perceptions of your target clients;
  • Mind demand of the target niche in the first place while considering what you can do secondly;
  • Think of supply as your ultimate solution to enhance the target market with your expertise and talents;
  • Justify your findings based on your personal needs and interests.

Do you know what IKIGAI is …?

It is the Japanese secret to a long, happy, and meaningful life … 

IKIGAI is all about having a hobby, raising a family, or working and making steps towards diving deep into the passion project.

IKIGAI is what gets you up every morning and keeps you going for your entire life while fulfilling your mission and vision of a better future for yourself and your family! 

See the Pillars of IKIGAI explained in the image below:


Now, take a pen and paper and identify your ultimate position between the supply and demand for delivering your professional writing services.

Think of 8 areas in your target writing niche that are close to your heart and soul:

  • Write them all down using the below wheel of life sample;
  • Determine the one and only area of interest by asking yourself questions about each aspect of IKIGAI  and rating it on a scale between 1 and 10;
  • Summarize all the numbers to see which one of your target niche areas wins for your professional writing career and freelance writing business;

See the illustration with an example below for details:



For instance, below are high-paying writing niches that currently seek professional copywriters and content marketers and are ready to pay HIGH RATES for premium quality writing pieces:


Next, use the below list of 8 questions to ask yourself while rating each of 8 writing niches selected:

  1. Do you love the given sphere of interest?
  2. Does it comply with your life mission?
  3. Does it correlate with your passion for life?
  4. Do you have the skills and talents to grow personally and professionally in the target market?
  5. Is there a global demand and need for such a writing service?
  6. Are there many job offers in such a niche (DEMAND)?
  7. Is there enough room to apply your writing skills in the target marketplace (SUPPLY)?
  8. Is it highly paid in the target industry, and can you scale your freelance writing business?

What to do next?

  • Rate each aspect of your topic choice on the scale from 1 to 10;
  • Summarize all the numbers you have for each target niche.

The maximum number you have will correspond to the target niche with the most chances for your freelance writing success!

You should define the working scenario that you would happily do for free every single day of your life. It is the type of business that sparks you by 100% since it generates inner strength and an unlimited source of energy.

This task is designed to help you understand the range of freelance writing activities that inspire you.

Perhaps, many of you already have a clear understanding of the most suitable target market and anticipated writing services. It is crucial since it applies to your financial status as well as your position in society. Also, it relates to your self-actualization in the target marketplace.

On the contrary, those who do not have a clear understanding of your writing career and freelance writing service should use this tool to find the perfect match area to fulfill your writing potential

The next step is to take your time to improve yourself in this particular sphere of interest.

How to Market and Sell Your Freelance Writing Services at Top Rates?


Are you ready to land your high-paying freelance writing clients?

Here is your all-in-one proven STRATEGY to become a contributor to international companies and make 4 figures monthly in the next 90 days!


You are welcome to take advantage of our Words that Make You Money Expert Membership Program by Life Revival Universe for significant results!

It is straightforward, and it will surely help you get the highest amount of work done within the shortest time possible.

Your Action List to Establish Your Freelance Writer’s Profile on the Web:

  1. Find the best hosting provider to store your website;
  2. Think of the best domain name to get recognized by your target market;
  3. Find the best WordPress template provider to differentiate your unique selling proposition;
  4. Create your professional writer’s website to showcase the problems of your target clients you can solve with your freelance writing offers;
  5. Set up your professional writer’s E-mail to differentiate yourself from your target competitors;
  6. Establish social media profiles close to where you can land your high-paying freelance writing clients;
  7. Examine your area of interest with niche analysis;
  8. Understand the target areas of expertise and establish your freelance writing services;
  9. Use the target industry knowledgebase and open access educational material to build your professional freelance writing skills;
  10. Improve your personal qualities to transform the needs to solve your clients’ problems into the need to offer your writing services;
  11. Gain a competitive advantage with mentorship support on every step of your freelance writer’s journey;
  12. Get certified by Life Revival Universe and take advantage of internship opportunities to test-drive your freelance writing services;
  13. Build your professional writer’s portfolio under your real name by contributing your first articles to our Life Revival Blog;
  14. Collect the feedback from our experts and other students and use them as testimonials to attract your targeted freelance writing clients;
  15. Build credibility by getting published on popular media sites in your target niche and win high-paying gigs in less time and with fewer efforts;
  16. Land your high ticket clients automatically using your website’s sales funnel;

Your Life Hack Action Plan on How to Prospect to Your High-Paying Clients

  1. Send 30 – 50 cold pitches every day using our Expert’s proven pitch template formula to find your target clients (It will be shared within Life Revival Membership);
  2. Apply to 10 – 20 jobs posted on the freelance jobs boards featured on this list (we will share a complete list of sites to use in the Life Revival Membership Program);
  3. Select sites from the list of publications that pay writers and try to apply to 3 – 5 of these sites daily (we will also share it for all the students subscribed for the Life Revival Membership);
  4. Join all the relevant sites from the list of Upwork alternatives (you will also have a list of sites within our Life Revival Membership). Many of these sites favor writers from the U.S., so don’t let that stop you if you are from Europe;
  5. End your prospecting activity every day by checking social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc., for available writing job offers (We will help you figure out how to generate keywords to find high-paying writing gigs in our Life Revival Membership Program);
  6. Knowing myself — it can be difficult for you to stay on track with your work — and due to how aggressive (and effortful) our strategy is, we have created a weekly tracking spreadsheet that makes it easy for you to keep track of your work done daily. (You can see the spreadsheet within our membership program as well);
  7. As a rule, most clients are not active on weekends, so it makes no sense to pitch these days.

Today, all expert solutions on marketing and selling your freelance writing services are available within Life Revival Membership

So, go ahead and take your first step to scale your earning potential while selling your freelance wiring services at top rates and getting published on top sites! 


To recap, it makes sense to review the Summary section since it collects the key points of what you should know in terms of copywriting and content marketing to get hired by international companies and win high-paying gigs consistently. 

So, go ahead and review the infographic on How to Make Money as a Freelance Writer in 2021.


Post Scriptum

Don’t forget to check the 48 best apps and tools to ENHANCE your freelance writing career!



I will post more helpful content on how to get published by top media websites and blogs shortly.

For now, I strongly recommend you to join our Life Revival Membership!

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Learn 13 Reasons Why You Can Trust Life Revival Membership:

  1. Get all the tools you need to start and grow your career;
  2. Build your professional writing skills;
  3. Get feedback from other students and mentors;
  4. Contribute to Life Revival Blog while studying;
  5. Get certified to gain a competitive advantage;
  6. Create a writer’s portfolio under your real name;
  7. Get access to our contemporary knowledgebase;
  8. Learn to promote your writing services;
  9. Get exclusive coaching sessions with our mentor;
  10. Practice finding clients with expert pitch templates;
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Design a fantastic lifestyle you wish to have for your entire life…

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I hope the steps listed above are thought-provoking and help you establish yourself as a professional freelance writer.

For now, think of the following questions: 

  • Which steps do you think are the most crucial?
  • Have you already tried any of them?
  • How successful have you been?
  • Do you need expert guidance?

Go ahead and share your insights and ideas or ask questions in the comments below.

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