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Adopting an Abundance Mindset Is Tricky

What You Need to Know to Adopt an Abundance Mindset

10 Steps to Adopt an Abundance Mindset in Your Life

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  • Abundance Mindset means to be proactive and have priorities.
  • Abundant Mentality fulfills in being grateful and appreciates what you have.
  • Limiting beliefs constrain from getting success.
  • Transforming limiting beliefs into the Abundance Mindset can lead to empowering your inner.
  • Changes play a crucial role.
  • Follow 10 steps to get an Abundance Mindset.


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Introduction to the Abundance Mindset

The concept of an abundance mindset belongs to Stephen Covey, a successful businessman and lecturer. He is the author of The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People.

The idea of developing an abundance mentality is to forget about the old school of natural selection as a way of thinking. The survival of the strongest is no longer the recipe to achieve goals. After all, success in life is not a binary thing. Just because another person is successful does not mean that you cannot be successful as well. 

The ideas of an abundance mentality can be adapted to all areas of human life and business, whether we talk about relationships or making money. In his book, Covey suggests several positive habits you should apply to create more opportunities, such as being proactive, starting with the goal in mind, and prioritizing first. Each of these ways has been tried and tested and is worth trying on. 

The most significant benefit you get when you decide to embrace this new mindset is that it is a gift that keeps on giving. By cultivating and creating abundance, it can help you achieve your goals, improve your quality of life, and ultimately lead you to financial freedom and happiness.

Executive and Leadership Coach Katia Verresen provides some common examples of how to determine whether your mentality is scarce or abundant in the infographic below:

Once you understand the signs and signals of the mentality of abundance and scarcity, you start to build awareness about where you might end up on the spectrum.

The Power of Gratitude and Appreciation

Have you ever had a delicious dinner at a nice restaurant with exceptional service in a gorgeous environment and then received a bill that nearly made you fall out of your seat? How did that change your mood? Did you end up walking out of the restaurant, lamenting about the bill?

Instead of practicing an attitude of gratitude, it may seem easier to focus on a situation or experience’s negative aspects. In the restaurant case, we tend to quickly grudge the huge bill rather than fully immerse ourselves in the outstanding food, lovely ambiance, or hospitable service. To adapt ourselves to a positivity and gratuity culture, we must first acknowledge that the human brain fights for survival and survival alone.

We operate on the assumption that the spirit is not there to make us happy but to help us survive. It always looks for what could hurt you by magnifying the bad. However, you hold the power of choosing what to focus on. You could divert all energy to the negativity in your life. Still, by learning how to redirect that energy to positivity, you can set yourself on the path towards enjoying life to the fullest.

Cultivating an Attitude of Gratitude by Examining Limiting Beliefs

When we embrace cultivating gratitude in our lives, we can consider the limiting beliefs we unconsciously hold and examine how they prevent us from reaching our full potential. For instance, if we subconsciously believe that we do not deserve happiness, it will be significantly more challenging to understand how we can express gratitude even in the best circumstances. 

As you embrace the process of cultivating gratitude in your life, be aware of the limiting beliefs you unconsciously transmit and examine how they prevent you from reaching your full potential. Once we replace our limiting beliefs with an attitude of gratitude, we see how these beliefs affect almost all areas of our lives.

Our beliefs grow from a culmination of life experiences, such as our knowledge base, our environments, positive and traumatic life events, results of our past actions, and how we envision our future. Since our beliefs are multi-faceted, unraveling their origin for replacing them with healthier ones can be more challenging. If current views impede achieving an attitude of gratitude, it will be worth your time to put in the effort.

Replacing Limiting Beliefs with an Abundance Mindset

To overcome your self-sabotaging beliefs, put yourself in a positive mindset by making a list of things you are grateful for and then practice flipping your limiting beliefs into empowering ones. When you reveal your limited faith, you ask yourself if this faith leads you on the path of gratitude or if it holds you back. With practice and diligence, you will find that adopting an abundance and appreciation attitude becomes more natural.

The Crucial Role of Change

Life will never go as planned. There will always be undesirable surprises and inevitable changes, but we must learn to accept them. The potential for transformation is present in any change life throws our way, whether we choose to embrace it.

Instead of being derailed by unexpected changes in our lives, we must learn to greet change with curiosity. Start practicing an attitude of gratitude by warming up to change and accepting it without a fight. Rather than persuading yourself that you have lost something or will never have what you want, decide to focus on adopting an abundance mindset. You should focus on all the good and the bad things in your life and be grateful for them.

By learning how to express gratitude in stressful situations, you can build a wealth of mindsets around everything you do. Once you make these subtle changes, you will begin to feel joy and eventually create a new emotional home for yourself.

10 Steps to Develop an Abundance Mindset

  • Recognize the Power of Your Thoughts

Cultivating mindfulness can help you decipher your thoughts when they create a mindset of deprivation or abundance. You can consciously start making an effort to transform that thought towards abundance. If you find that you achieve less than satisfactory results in any area of your life, ask yourself if you base your thoughts on fear of scarcity. If so, reflect on what you need to do to shift your mindset to abundance. 

  • Practice Gratitude

Practicing gratitude is a widely recognized tool for creating abundance and happiness. Like Oprah Winfrey used to say, if you look at what you have in life, you will always have more. If you look at what you lack in life, you will never have enough. Similarly, Tony Robbins states that fear disappears and abundance appears when we are grateful. Remember the simple things you often overlook, such as clean air, having a bed to sleep on, a nice hot shower, or just the chance to live another day. 

  • Believe the Sky Has No Limit

An interesting Harvard study has found that when people focus intensely on one particular thing, the other options in front of them go completely unnoticed. Loosening the mind focus and creating an expanded awareness that makes use of the abundance mentality is crucial. 

Maintain regular meditation. Go somewhere where you can be calm and peaceful.

  • Cultivate and Share Your Passions and Purpose

Learn how to share your gifts and create value by serving those who benefit from you. That is a great way to boost confidence and that you can do things well. 

Download our free checklist, which gives you step-by-step instructions on creating your brand and uncovering your unique value with the world.

  • Develop Mastery Experiences

What is the best way to create a life where you can live in abundance and create everything you want in life? The only proven method is to gain your new mastery experiences. Master experiences are past experiences of success, which lead to mastery in one area. If you aim to become one percent better at something every day, then after a year, you will have improved by 365% and therefore created a mastery experience.

  •  Choose Your Words Wisely

When you are engaged in conversation with your friends or thoughts, pay attention to what you say about your experiences and beliefs. If you find yourself focusing on scarcity, try to look at them from a positive light and turn them into stories of abundance 

  • Incorporate a Growth Mindset in your Life

The concept of the growth mentality was developed by psychologist Carol Dweck and popularized in her book Mindset: The New Psychology of Success. Carol is sure that people believe they can train their most basic abilities through dedication and hard work. This belief creates a love of learning and a resilience that is essential for great accomplishment.

A growth mindset is directly related to the mentality of abundance. One way to practice adopting such an attitude is to become curious about other people and their own experiences. 

  • Think Like a Beginner

Learning and growth come naturally with an abundance mentality, and it requires an underlying knowledge that you cannot know everything, even about topics you may have mastered. Thinking like a beginner is about maintaining an attitude of openness and enthusiasm, along with the willingness to override existing preconceptions, just like a real beginner would, no matter the experience level.

An excellent place to start is to learn something new that places you into an uncomfortable state of “not knowing.” It may be learning a new hobby, a new language, or anything you find interesting. 

  • Notice the Good

Humans tend to notice the bad more quickly than all the positives in their lives. This process is only natural, as your brain is wired that way as a result of evolution. Ancestors who were quick to see threats were generally more likely to survive and pass along their DNA than those who were not. Optimists, however, rely on an abundance mindset and thus lead a better, longer life. 

  • Speak Daily Abundance Affirmations

Research from Carnegie Mellon University suggests that using positive affirmations can improve your problem-solving skills by strengthening your ability to resolve and reduce signs of stress. Positive affirmations can help you turn that mentality from scarcity into abundance. 

Even if it may not seem quite natural at first, any of you can start creating a mentality of abundance and lead a meaningful and fulfilling life by taking consistent action. By expanding your consciousness and perceiving a possible scarcity in your mindset, you can apply these steps to tap into your depth of abundance. 

How Does An Abundance Mindset Help Your Business?

The aforementioned is a big question with no clear answer because you will start to see effects and improvements across your business and your life when you have positive thoughts. It is like trying to answer how having experience helps in the creative industry. It merely means that you have the right foundations to deal with any situation that might arise.

Benefits of having an abundance mindset:

  • You will have more clarity in your personal life and business

It makes sense to develop an abundance mentality if you want to achieve more with fewer efforts. One of the great opportunities for this kind of mindset is to clarify what you are trying to reach. You can feel the advantage when expressing gratitude, learning more, or using more opportunities with fewer resources. The clearer you know what you want to achieve, the more reason you have to try. 

  • You will feel a positive shift in saving energy

This statement may sound like a bit of wishful thinking, and it is indeed difficult to measure. However, we recommend not to underestimate the power of a little positivity. 

Devoting your energy to focus on more positive reflection by keeping a gratitude diary or taking control of your finances rather than accumulating debt can make a huge difference. Positive thoughts go a long way towards creating opportunities and enabling you to live a better life. 

  • You will have less toxic thoughts

Negative thoughts work against you and jeopardize your attempts to gain financial independence or personal liberation. In such cases, it is worth remembering that the more you give in to such thoughts, the more likely your life will head in unexpected directions. Additionally, if your mind is full of toxic ideas, there is no more room for positivity. 


The promotion of a mentality of abundance is a beneficial undertaking for personal and spiritual development. Reflect on what you would do if you had all the time and money in the world and knew you couldn’t fail, and by doing so, you’ll be on the path to open your mind up to what is possible. Life is short, so choose to live big and create the richness of life with unforgettable moments that you can cherish forever.

Check out this additional source we have included for you.


You should practice and be diligent in noticing that adopting an abundance attitude becomes more natural for you. In this article, we considered some rules to achieve this mindset. So, here are several recommendations for you to start from small:

  • Always notice the ideas that come into your head. Then, you can start making an effort to change your thinking patterns;
  • Try to keep a gratitude journal and write down what you are thankful for every day;
  • Even 5-10 minutes a day practicing Yoga or meditation can make you feel more calm and peaceful;
  • You should think of a big goal that you want to achieve;
  • To achieve them, write a list of all the small actions you will need to get there.
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