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Top 7 Brand Promotion Techniques Used by Guru Marketers

Top 7 Brand Promotion Techniques Used by Guru Marketers

How to Drive More Traffic to Your Brand with High-Quality Photography?

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    • Studies show that 65% of people rely on visual sources to understand information.
    • Supplementing textual content with quality visuals ensures the message is perceived by your target audience.
    • Google uses 200 factors influencing search algorithms and it is next to impossible for the companies to address all of those to increase the traffic. However, Neil Patel leads by example, there are tactics you can use without investing a penny.
    • There is a considerable need for outsourcing companies and independent photographers to produce high-quality visual content to help businesses gain customer awareness and increase sales online and offline.
    • The target market changes every day, and the ability to produce and deliver premium quality visual content is a decisive factor for your business. 
    • Add infographics to your marketing strategies on a regular basis. Facebook ads do not work without hashtags. Such a marketing approach will surely work for your business as well.
    • Companies need to find reputable third-party agencies to help them create premium quality visual content regularly. The idea is to drive more traffic and increase annual profit margins. 


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Do You Need More Traffic to Your Website?                                                                               

A well-thought-out picture is worth a thousand words. Some photos had become iconic over time, and not without reason: emotional impact, engagement, unexpected perspective are frequently more captivating than that of a thoughtful text. In a world flooded with information, the picture takes just a few seconds to convey the message, and time is one of the most crucial aspects in the business world. 

In other words, businesses can effectively promote their products and services, relying merely on premium quality photography. 

It means that your marketing campaigns should be visually appealing for your target customers to deliver significant business profit. However, it is possible by solving the problems of your target clients with your particular business offers. 

Today, most successful brands include premium quality images in their emails, blogs, and social media posts. In our previous article (LINK), we talked about Neil Patel, one of Google’s primary advisors. Referring to his findings, high-resolution images are highly beneficial for your business. 

Also, high-quality photos supplement your textual content, and you can engage your target audience by delivering complete information. The combination of both approaches allows your followers to become your fans and affiliates. Besides, such valuable content helps to keep your target subscribers attached to your blog through high-quality visuals. 

Many brands continue seeking answers on how and where to find trusted and reliable outsourcing companies. The focus is on those businesses that can provide their customers with premium quality photography and video content. 

The vast majority of companies search for such outsourcing agencies and independent photographers on the Internet. But how to be entirely sure you can trust a particular photographer or an outsourcing company to timely deliver a high-quality portfolio at a reasonable price. 

This post covers the aspects you should consider while searching for outsourcing companies to help you create high-quality commercial photography and videos to promote your brands. 

The article also provides the guide that brands should follow to market their offers online. The idea is to understand how to generate traffic with premium quality visuals while promoting your products and services on the Internet. 

This article reflects on the behaviors of professional outsourcing companies that use primary marketing techniques to promote their businesses. The truth is that you can mostly trust outsourcing companies that already perceived similar promotion strategies while using high-quality videos and commercial photography. 

Monitoring the target marketplace can help you find independent photographers and outsourcing agencies that can help you increase brand awareness and boost annual sales using premium quality images. Besides, it takes place on their websites, in social media channels, and over emails altogether. 

Do You Know How to Generate Enough Traffic to Promote Your Business? 

According to Neil Patel, Google has over 200 factors that influence search algorithms. These factors refer to brands’ ability to gain trust with their user interactions and social media signals. 

Brands can never address all those algorithms to increase customer awareness. At the same time, you can benefit from his findings and investment outcomes. Besides, considering the primary tactics to generate sufficient traffic is crucial to promote your company in the target marketplace. 

Refer below to the analysis of target audience reach within a year of using a coherent brand promotion strategy performed by the top marketing experts:





The results of tactics used to promote his brand reveal the growth of annual traffic by 193% without any investment in advertising. 

How to Dominate Your Target Market Without Spending a Dollar on Advertising?

The top marketers’ recommendations will help your brand dominate the target industry. It is what Neil Patel did to achieve the highest ranking in online marketing for his brand. Besides, “marketing” is one of the most competitive keywords searched on Google today.

See the screen below for details: 


The information we provide in this article seems to have no relation to commercial photography. 

On the one hand, it is partly true. On the contrary, it is different since we use the same marketing strategy to promote our Pro Star Models Company. We share our most effective promotion techniques with our target customers to serve them in the best possible way. 

Even though we only enter the target market, we use top Google influencers’ best marketing practices to increase our traffic!

See the comparison of Neil’s traffic screens within 3 months of work as social proof that such marketing instruments work: 

In the beginning


In 3 months


Starting from Scratch

We believe that Neil Patel is a Guru of Marketing, and it will take more time for us to achieve the same traffic results. At the same time, we believe it makes sense to continue implementing the top marketing strategies together while scaling our businesses in the target niches. 

In our case, using high-quality visual content is the best marketing tool to use for brand promotion!

The Value of High-Quality Photo and Video Content

Even the top-quality information isn’t enough to make our target readers continue following our brand on the web. Moreover, a New York Times research performed by Microsoft claims that it takes a maximum of 8 seconds to grab the attention of your target customers. Otherwise, it is quite challenging to ensure your target readers continue following your company updates on the Internet. 

According to  Mcknight Kurland, high-quality photo and video content can grab our attention 60 000 times faster compared to a simple yet valuable text. 

HubSpot indicates that the target readers can retain any information 65% more effectively with visual content. 

Venngage states that 71% of marketing experts invest at least 5 hours per day to produce visual content to promote products services. 

This information supports and emphasizes a considerable need for outsourcing companies and independent photographers to produce high-quality visual content to help businesses gain customer awareness and increase sales online and offline.   

Based on the findings of the Social Media Examiner Company, running a blog with tons of highly valuable content is the top priority for your business to attract followers and convert them to your fans, and target clients. Refer below to a graph showing the types of content that marketers perceive to be the most essential to drive traffic to your company and your products or services: 


In other words, blogging and visual content have the highest ranks, with 37% and 38% accordingly. 

Also, according to Social Media Examiner, high-quality visuals, blogging, and video comprise the most commonly used type of content to promote your brands on the Internet. See a visual proof of such findings below:


Besides, while reading this article …

Do you see how that visual content helps you grasp more information from the given post with high-quality images compared to the data you read alongside? 

Venngage states that the vast majority of companies have spent approximately 40% of their budget on brand promotion to create high-quality photo and video content during the past several years. Moreover, such a percentage is going to increase by 1/3 in the next 4 years.

Top 7 Brand Promotion Techniques Used by Guru Marketers 

Keeping in mind an idea of a minimum budget and a maximum return on investment, brands should follow the top marketing practices checklist. The goal is to produce relevant and high-quality content with premium quality visuals that can drive more traffic and help you increase sales in your business. See the expert strategy recommendations as follows: 

  1. Generic visual content leaves your company behind the competition.

If you continue using free stock images, be sure your target audience will stop reading your content since it is boring and doesn’t draw their attention to your business offers. 

For instance, Rob Howard takes a female photo walking down the forest to supply his Medium article with relevant visual content. 

See the article here for more details: 


Today, brands need highly reliable outsourcing companies or independent photographers to take photos and make videos with their products. The overall goal is to increase customer awareness and brand recognition.  

2.    Taking branded photography can help to promote your trademark.

Every single company has a unique opportunity to create high-quality photos and videos featuring its products and services. However, you need to understand how to use complicated photo and video equipment. Also, you need additional resources to create premium quality visuals every time you launch a marketing campaign.

It is when reputable outsourcing agencies come into play since they have everything to promote your business offers with a minimum investment of your time and efforts. 

Whenever you need to create high-quality photos of your brand’s lingerie or swimsuits, you can benefit from the services of professional outsourcing companies. Below is an illustration of how your portfolio might look with all-inclusive commercial photography:


3.    Increase sales with high-quality infographics of branded products and services 

Content Marketing Institute claims that infographics are used by 58% of businesses to increase sales. 

Venngage proves that high-quality images of business offers are used by 42% of marketers to promote their companies today. 

Neil Patel also supports that you can benefit from high-quality infographics to attract your target customers in social media channels and, as a result, increase your annual business sales. 

Hence, start using infographics with your products or services in your blog and social media posts since it will drive more traffic to your business website. It will surely work as it did with Facebook hashtags. 

Refer to infographic details below:


Today, Facebook ads do not work without hashtags. Such a marketing approach indeed worked for Facebook and will surely work for your business. The idea is to continue adding infographics to your marketing strategies on a regular basis.

4.    Brand colors can draw the attention of your target audience to your brand. 

Let us prove the value of infographics with a vivid example supporting the point we addressed in our article. Crazy Egg states that both colors and fonts can emphasize your business offers more efficiently. See partial infographics below for details:


5.     Screens of your website pages can share your unique selling proposition on your blog. 

Content that includes screenshots from different pages of your blog can take advantage of image links to generate more traffic. It is sometimes easier and faster to show than tell your customers what you mean with a particular notion in your blog posts. See the screen of the website portfolio below to support the point:


6.    Videos can be highly engaging to promote your brand. 

According to Google infographics, YouTube videos take almost the full attention of most adult users during prime-time hours. Cisco forecasts that high-quality video content will reach 82% of traffic by 2021.

 Global Video Index reports that mobile devices generate 51% of YouTube traffic. It also indicates that 55% of all YouTube videos are less than 5-minute long. 

It makes sense for brands to promote their products and services using high-quality video content that renders more information than text. Companies need to find reputable third-party agencies to help them create premium quality visual content regularly. The idea is to drive more traffic and increase annual profit margins. 

See the proof below to address the findings: 


7.    Slide decks could be an interactive way to bring new target customers to your business. 

SlideShare Company can help you create a PowerPoint presentation showcasing your products and services for free. However, you still need to use high-quality photography in your presentation. 

For example, you can talk about the value of your business offers at webinars. At the same time, you can enhance your benefits advertisement by sharing PowerPoint or SlideShare presentations to build trust and engage more target clients for your brand. 

It will increase customer awareness of your product lines absolutely for free, exactly as Neil Patel did with his webinar. Neil generated 195K+ monthly visitors with this single presentation without any investment in advertising.

See the screen below to address the point: 


Even with us referring to his presentation, Neil Patel continues to grow his website traffic without a single dollar invested in advertising his marketing services. The truth is that your target audience will talk about you on public media once you gain their attention with high-quality photography and premium videos of your products or services. 

Finding a Reputable Outsourcing Photo Studio to Create High-Quality Visual Content

Many people ask about the places to find reliable organizations capable of delivering high-quality photo and video content on time and budget. However, it is a challenging task since not many of them offer all – in – one service. Instead, there are many photo studios, marketing agencies, and independent photographers offering partial service to help you promote your brands. 

The target market changes every day, and the ability to produce and deliver premium quality visual content is a decisive factor for your business. The companies that operate in the target audience seek to merge their resources to provide the highest possible service quality. 

Such companies exist, but not all of them are affordable enough to cover all the business needs. It is much more expensive to order premium quality photos in one place and video in another. Instead, benefit from independent companies working together, delivering premium quality visual services as affordable packages.

A Professional Look-Book as a Premium Business Offer 

The vast majority of businesses are searching for the best ways to promote their products and services. It is not an easy task since there are certain elements the executives have to consider while offering their products and services to the target market.

Refer below to 9 essential criteria required to present your business offers prominently through your professional Look-Book:  

  1. Researching and Planning – Planning the process of shooting and making decisions towards all the aspects required to deliver professional photo and video content for brand promotion;
  2. Professional Photographers – Professional photographers have to established their skills through 10 000+ hours of photo sessions to promote your business offers at a high level;
  3. Professional Retouching – A time-honored team of professional retouching experts should work directly with photographers before and after photo shooting;
  4. Photo Assistants & Stylists – The other team members should stage the place of shooting to create an astonishing layout, composition, and overall design of premises and outside locations to ensure everything is ready for photographers to shoot the models and branded offers;
  5. Model Casting – The models should be perfectly suitable to address the brand’s marketing tasks;
  6. Locations & Set Scouting – It is crucial to find the most appropriate place to shoot models based on customer preferences and business needs;
  7. Choice of Models – The final selection of models should be agreed to address customer specifications in detail;
  8. Usage Recommendations – It is an advantage to have recommendations to promote clients’ brands internationally using premium quality photography and videos;
  9. Access to the International Look-Book Community – A professional Look-Book is the best way to join a community of international companies willing to prosper by interacting with a group of like-minded people in the target marketplace. 


The ability of a brand to grab the attention of its target audience is of the foremost importance. Hence, you should continue delivering high-quality content with comprehensive information. The combination of premium quality commercial photography, videos, and text are critical to building relationships with your target clients. 

First, you should draw attention and retain the interest of your target readers. Next, continue maintaining curiosity with top quality visual content while depicting your products and services. Overall, you can increase your website traffic using recommendations from the leading marketing experts and using the different content we covered in this article. 

The key takeaways for your business are that visual content is easier and quicker to perceive and holds your attention longer than other types of information. Also, never use stock images even if they are of the highest possible quality. 

Instead, find a trustworthy outsourcing company to help you create premium quality visual content all the time. Likewise, high-quality infographics and presentations can add more value to your business with all website traffic they can generate together while promoting your useful content and advertising your business offers.

Finally, combining all your efforts and time invested in crafting high-quality visual and textual content results in higher brand awareness and increased annual sales. A professional Branded Look – Book created to address all the business needs is an asset to help your company prosper in the target market.

The only thing left is finding a reliable outsourcing company you can trust to produce high-quality photography and video content to promote your brand in the target marketplace. 

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