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The Core Benefits and Stages of Spiritual Development Practice

The Core Benefits and Stages of Spiritual Development Practice

The Mind – Body – Spirit Interrelation

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  • We are spirit, yet we have a soul and live in our body;
  • Recognition of underlying principles of our existence sheds light on who we are indeed;
  • A clear-minded and healthy awareness about ourselves allows us to liberate from the mental obstacles and enjoy a happy life;
  • Try to think about the connection between spirituality and body to understand their effect on your faith and health!


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Introduction to Spiritual Development Practice

This article covers the main points of Spiritual Development Practice. It clarifies the reasons why it is important to do such activity regularly and its benefits. You will find useful information about the stages of your Spiritual Development and wholeness of Mind, Body and Spirit.

As with everything in life, it is only your decision whether to take the spiritual path or to remain in the status quo world. At first, most people will go the same way, but at a certain point, you will have the chance to discover the splendor of your spiritual journey. You have the potential to grasp spirituality fully.

In the course of life, several possibilities lead you to a new stage of development. These decisions can occur at any time in your life, but the key is to remain alert and hear your heart’s wisdom.

The Mind, Soul and Spirit

The words mind, soul and spirit we often use interchangeably, but in most cases, people have two different accounts and two distinct bodies: the mind and the body. Here I will explain to you what the soul is, what spirit is, what connection exists between mind and body, and what it means.

Spiritual energy is born in all living beings, and how individual we become depends on the degree of consciousness and spirit. The human mind has expressed individuality and thinking ability, while animal and plant spirits typically live in the collective consciousness. However, the courage of animals and plants are not as individualized and advanced as those of humans. So the part of the mind takes the form of a physical body in which the soul resides. In this form, the spirit undertakes spiritual refinement on earth, and the human spirit undergoes spiritual development.

The mind is the center of the soul, the core of this spiritual body, and looks like a perfectly formed ball with a diameter of one foot, which is in the center of its heart. It is a soul that is housed in the human body, and it has all the qualities of a human form, except that it has no physical body. The soul comes from God and has virtually the same qualities as God, but the body goes through the stomach, heart and brain. The body controls spiritual wisdom and connects the person with God in the form of the spirit.

Understanding the inner nature of the diamond is the real goal of spiritual discipline. Light is not a lamp, but God is essentially light itself, and it has all the qualities of love, compassion, wisdom and prosperity that shine through all the facets of this light.

The Essence of Spiritual Growth

Spiritual development is the process of becoming fit for a higher level in the spirit world. It is a process in which body and mind interact positively with each other. It is not essential how spiritually a person has developed and having this ability does not mean that someone is spiritually advanced. Evolution is first what spiritual development is about, but it is not the only aspect.

A highly developed mind could embody all this and manifest spiritual beliefs and abilities, but it is not the only aspect of spiritual development. The process of spiritual evolution involves the growth of a highly developed mind or “spiritual mind” and its characteristics.

These characteristics include the ability to love and the absence of selfishness. It is not possible to determine whether one is spiritually advanced or not, and therefore it is unwise to judge other people by whether they are “spiritually advanced.”

The Benefits of Daily Spiritual Practice

There are many reasons to start a daily spiritual practice. However, here are six I have discovered over the years. I would like to inspire you to make spiritual growth a priority and to start practicing today. I know that not everyone considers himself a religious person, and that’s okay, but when you identify as a spiritual person, you have to have a mind, right?

When the mind is sick, body, mind and soul are also ill, and our body, mind and soul are all suffering. The brain has the most crucial function in the health of our body and soul, as well as our physical health.

Just try to take care of your spiritual side for a while, and you will soon see the benefits. If you neglect your mind, whether you notice it or not, it manifests itself in other areas of life. Taking care of the brain makes every area of your life a little better, so just try it and see for yourself.

Listening to Yourself Improves Your Whole Life

On the spiritual level, learning is the key, but at times you have to keep silent as only then can you listen. Only in this case you can hear yourself and know what you need to improve in your relationships, be it your partner, your children or other people in your life. This practice will make you a better person, including your physical and mental health.

Listening allows you to hear the subtle whispers that can guide your life. Listening can enable us to overcome our everyday worries and get out of our own schedule and be who we are. To name just a few, it opens us up to a deeper understanding of inner beings, it helps us reconnect with the Divine and to be ourselves.

In a certain sense, we are all swamped, although we have so much to do. We have to get away from the trap of the daily routine every now and then to enable time to think about spiritual things and build ourselves up spiritually. If you have a study in your house, lock yourself in it or go to a place like a basement where you can be alone.

Most spiritual instruments are proven not only by experience but also by research. Although we know that spiritual tools and methods lead to better health, meaning and purpose in life, spiritual practice is not self-evident. Indeed, nature plays a more critical role in the development of health and well-being than we realize. What is a better reason to go outside today, like going for a walk, hiking or even riding a bike?

Spiritual wounds lay at the core of the trauma, and focusing on mental health can heal all of them, not only the physical injuries but also the spiritual wounds. It may be easy to see and feel the physical, emotional and mental scars, but the pain of trauma also affects the sensitive mind, whether we think of it or not.

The Guidance Within You

When we concentrate on rebuilding our spiritual health, we can feel emotionally stable, not only in our physical body but also in our mental body. There is immense healing power rooted in spiritual exercises and hearing whispers. We learn about such practices from the teachings of Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit or our spiritual teacher.

Listening to your inner voices can be compared to the radio waves broadcasting continuously, and hearing the whisper is part of it. When we sit down, tune in and listen, we know what we should do because we hear the guidance and decide whether we follow it.

We tend to grow spiritually, and somehow we behave with the power to do it. Notably, people who believe in God and the power of the Word of God, complete the spiritual practice every day as a joyful experience. It is also true that stress, drama and trauma in our lives influence our spiritual activities.

When we keep silent, we begin to discover the inner joy as if being connected to a continuous source that improves our lives. Eckhart Tolle wrote that real happiness springs from an inner space of full consciousness. If we want real joy, we ought to connect spiritually with ourselves, be calm and be aware of the smaller, quieter things. This state requires a high degree of variety, but it is roughly the sum of 1, which is approximately the number of days in a week or 1 / 2 of a year.

The Stages of Spiritual Development

You have entered the world in a state of innocence, but you still have a consciousness that has emerged from the area of the Absolute. You are a spiritual being, and you are born with three lower chakras that dominate your life in the material world. If you are healthy and have a loving family, you can live in peace and harmony with your body and mind.

You soon realize that you are at the mercy of the surrounding world, but few of us enjoy spiritual grandeur and maintain their divine connection. As you grow, the ego is born, and you soon begin to fade into memory as you learn how to fit in and become distracted from the ambient world. The pure love you have experienced so far is beginning to be overshadowed by fear and the associated emotions.

You start to create a story that shapes and defines your life, you develop your personality, and you begin to create success in life with the desire to overcome your fears. You start a career, you educate yourself, you create a family, you develop a personality, you are sure that you will receive what you want as your deal with other people around you.

You accumulate things to gain a sense of security, and you want to control yourself and eliminate your fears. As you get used to things, you strive for more power and authority, and your life becomes self-centered, and you may be prompted to be consumed by material desires. You may opt to seek a profound sense of life, rather than just accumulating possessions and power.

You strive for more and more power and authority, and your life becomes self-centered, and you decide to stay in stage 3 and continue to be consumed by material desires. Ultimately, like others, you may sense that there is more in life than it seems at first glance.

The Changes of Your Spiritual Growth Are Inevitable

At this stage, one begins to realize that life involves more than personal power and material gain. One wonders how to help others and serve the world around them, and one feels comfortable with giving and taking. You begin to awaken spiritually, but you feel comfortable both giving and receiving. At that stage, giving can often still be selfish, but it can also create a sense of power, and it is a form of self-sacrifice.

One can pass on the level of one’s ego, which often means expecting something in return. In other words, you give because you want some recognition. After all, it feels good, and you get something that you’ve been expecting. Of course, there is much to contribute, yet there is a reward for it, but there are also many bad things on this journey.

The Real Spiritual Journey Beginning

There is no chance for a second choice because you start giving without worrying about recognition or reward. Yet it is exactly this approach that leaves the limits of full spiritual growth open, and your giving becomes selfless. To begin a real spiritual journey, you must give without regrets. The longing for enlightenment has grown, you made the decision, and regular spiritual retreats have begun. The choice has been made, and now you start regular religious and mental exercises.

You seek a deeper understanding of the world; you try to realize why you are here and how to bring sense to your life. One can learn from teachers and gurus, one can read books, but this is one’s personal journey, and not that of a teacher or guru. When you express the quality of your heart in your life, open your throat chakra and consider the goals that encourage you to stay on the road.

When you realize that you are a role player with a variety of roles, you have to make yourself available and witness what you are doing. Once you realize that your life has just shifted to another role, you become aware of the importance of being yourself. There is still a gap between the giver and the receiver, and an individual ego is still present. You have reached a crucial point in your journey, your mind is fully awake, but it is not fully aware of this.

The alternative is to recognize the ego and let it take its place harmoniously in the whole puzzle. The choice or the possible mistake here is whether to believe that the end is in sight or let your ego hide it from your view. Do you stay with a false sense of spiritual achievement?

Do you wrongly believe you have reached your goal? Are you unique and do you think that an end is in sight? You may be promoting yourself, but you are nothing special. Giving for the sake of giving should prevail, so continue on your path with humility and dedication to yourself and the people around you.

Experiencing the Consciousness of Divine Oneness

When you open your so-called sixth chakra, you will hear the voice of your inner guru in your heart. Your heart is now fully awakened, and you are beginning to grow in insight and spiritual inspiration. There is no separation; you are experiencing the consciousness of Divine Oneness. They give something back to the giver and themselves in the form of love, kindness, compassion, wisdom, respect for others and compassion for themselves and others.

When you reach the seventh stage, you have no choice, you still live in this world, but it is still not your world. Your chakras are open; your spiritual energy flows freely; religious practice is pure joy. Everything is there to help you function in complete harmony with nature and to take care of yourself and your family.

Spiritual practice eventually leads to the experience of the true self and eternal bliss. The life of a great yogi is abundant, and it does not feel as if something has been abandoned. As you go through this phase, it may seem empty and hard, but in reality, it is beautiful.

Great yogis believe that if they do not follow the spiritual path, eternal bliss will not appear, but in reality, it is the other way round. In the material world, you have only the energy of your body, and the divine consciousness (cosmic energy) opens up to you on the spiritual path. There is always a lot of energy in the world around you, not just in your own body. The material worlds are like a dry garden waiting for you to make it bloom, your just need to have an open mind to see it.

Final Remarks

Have you ever thought about what the three parts of a person are? Have you ever spurred that behind the physical body, we also have an immaterial identity? Do you think it is vital for our health and happiness to be aware of all aspects of our life and take care of our soul and spirit besides the body?

If you have ever tried a spiritual practice, tell us about your unique experience and what you deal with regularly or occasionally. Do you see spiritual development practice as a great step worthwhile to be included in your life journey? Would you like to learn more about it? Please share your thoughts, fears, doubts, experience, and suggestions with us!

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