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The Best Ways to Motivate Yourself

What is Self-Motivation?

How to Move Forward After You Fail

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  • Self-motivation is a crucial factor of any efficient work.
  • Some situations can demotivate you at all.
  • It is important to learn motivating yourself.
  • Satisfaction comes from achieving goals.
  • How to learn from failures.
  • Failures teach us to communicate with others.
  • We need courage to make dreams true.


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We all face setbacks along the way. Some people fail and move on, while others need powerful motivation to move forward. How can we get this motivation?

“There are victories that lead to the dead-end, and fails, which open new paths,” said Pascal Bruckner.

You feel alright and successful with other people support.

Believe in yourself even when you have nothing.

Always keep moving forward in self-development, business, sports and your endeavors. Movement and action lead to success. It is not the one who is tired that dies, but the one who has stopped moving.

Listen to yourself and go into action. When you lose everything, you are on your own. No one else but you can get yourself out of terrible situation.

What is Self-Motivation?

Self-motivation is a critical element of efficient work. Also, it is the essential aspect of a good work ethic.

However, some circumstances can demotivate you. Therefore, it is important to know how to motivate yourself. When you work remotely, it can be challenging to motivate yourself when you are on your own. The biggest problem is that you feel demotivated. It can be a result of mistakes you have made on your way.

Thoughts’ control and knowing what to do can help you get out of troublesome situations.

You should learn to cope with external factors in order to achieve the best possible results.

After getting out of a problematic situation you obtain a clear picture of what is going on. It will allow you to assess the circumstances and find the right way to move forward.

The strong support system allows leave your ego behind. Do not hesitate and seek help when you need it.

Several studies found that positive thinking improves your support system and lifts your mood. 

That means you should never give up, but sometimes you have to change your strategy.

Science has proved that by trying something new we activate specific parts of the brain. These parts release dopamine – the chemical motivator. If you are not satisfied with your achievements when you move, think of what would you have done if you never even tried. 

Gail Matthews’ study examined the impact of written goals. Experiment participants had to send weekly reports about achieved goals to their friends.

Those who achieved their goals and wrote them down reported a 50% increase in their chances of succeeding. Thus, you see what you are working for and how you will achieve your goal.

Writing provides peace of mind and helps you focus. It also trains your brain and makes it more proactive. Seeking a quick universal solution can frustrate you. Instead, consider every moment as an opportunity to make a small positive investment. The potential reward is worth the risk.

When things are going well, it is easy to calm yourself down and forget troubles. But when everything is ruined, you should figure out the steps to get out of this situation. If you want to do something, you should start moving towards your goal. 

Say aloud what you want to do, no matter what it may be. Write down your daily goals and achievements.

How to Motivate Yourself When You Fail

How to Motivate Yourself Right Now

The truth is that setting goals is much easier than achieving them. But the more you do it, the better. However, to stay motivated, you need external assistance. Certain professionals can find 15 new ways to achieve your goals.

It is not easy, but it is worth trying. 

Satisfaction comes from achieving goals. Write down a few reasons you want to achieve something, no matter what these goals are. Thus, you will get a clear vision of what to do. 

Let’s say you don’t know exactly what you want, but you just want to live better. Make a list of moments that make you smile and write that you want to “live better.”

Excuse may be our best friend and greatest enemy, so the trick is to look for it in your head and start from this point. Be honest in terms of your reasons and lack of motivation.

To stay motivated, you should tick off things that make you delighted before going to bed. To stay motivated, be aware of what you’ve done that day.

Sometimes, the fear of rejection is so strong that people get isolated in their countries. Listen to this NPR podcast about young woman’s journey to the US. Her name was Comely and she searched for love.

In order to cope with fear, she decided to create a game of turning herself down at least once a day. She sold it online, and now people all over the world use it to cope with fears. 

Comely had to fail now and then to eliminate the power of rejection. The results were incredible. This technique can be applied to anything that intimidates you. Seek for failure, or at least expect it, and eventually, it will occur less and less. There are lots of people who have tried similar challenges. Some of them showed the impressive results.

You need courage to achieve something. Every step you take brings you closer to your goal, so be brave and do it. Your results may not be perfect, but each new stage requires more effort than the previous one.

Begin Regaining Your Motivation Today

Sometimes you have to get rid of doubts to clear your mind. Rumbling won’t help you to find effective solutions. There are several ways to get your motivation back.

When everything is lost, remember why you began to do something. Your business or career can go down, but you should make proactive changes. It’s a cliché, but it is true. The state of your career or business is a result of your thoughts, feelings, and actions. Insanity is when you do the same thing and expect different results.

If you call yourself a loser, you accept it and get lost. When you are in a certain cycle, it can be difficult to pull yourself out of it. However, you get no benefits from negative inner monologues.

Instead of focusing on what you could have done, concentrate on what you want to do in the future. Focus on changes you should make to achieve goals.

If you want to bring back a positive attitude, surround yourself with like-minded people. Join a group of motivated and energetic people. It also helps achieve your goals.

It is important how you react to failures and other negative situations. If you take every failure or misstep as a reason to stop, you will not achieve anything. But if you take it as an opportunity to grow and develop, it automatically turns to a step in the right direction.

Risk is valuable because failure is always a chance to learn from it. Be ready to fail if you want to be successful. Business success requires time, effort, and patience. Never make decisions feeling angry. 

Next time you feel disappointed, get back to basics. If you change your mind and set a new strategy for the future, you will get back on the right path in short time.

Source: https://www.inc.com/brian-scudamore/7-things-you-can-do-today-to-regain-your-motivation-at-work.html 

How to Motivate Yourself When You Fail

  1. Learn the Lessons

One successful businessman said that he would never invest into a company whose personnel have never failed. Many of his colleagues share this opinion.

It is all about psychology. We learn lessons from failures. It builds character, which is important for both career and private life.

When we understand that failure is inevitable, there is a struggle within us. We begin to doubt our value, think about meaningfulness of our efforts and even life. Dark days after failure reveal our true selves.

Failure can teach us to communicate with others. It teaches us to think about less fortunate people and develop compassion. These qualities are essential for success in life and business. It is important to accept failure with gratitude to learn lessons from it. Failures force you to think over your actions – whether they are right or wrong.

2.    Set high standards

If you fail, it means you took a risk. It also means that average results do not satisfy you. You want more and it is a key to success. High hopes motivate us. If we set small goals to avoid failures, we will not rise above average level.

Courage is not an innate quality. In fact, it is a skill that can be developed.

When we don’t take risks, we learn nothing. Fortunately, when you try to achieve a lofty goal even failure brings you closer to success.

3.    Importance of courage

It takes courage to make dreams come true. Courage is not an innate quality but a skill that can be developed. We become stronger when we take risks, fail, and then succeed. According to evolutionary psychology, courage is not the absence of fear. It is rather the presence of strong motivation that forces us to act and cope with fears.

The desire to achieve goals should be stronger than a fear of failure. Thinking about your dreams gives courage.

4.    Visualize your dreams

Dreams are big goals that are difficult to achieve. The way to your dream is long and painful.  On this way you try, make mistakes, and fail. Failures happen regardless how hard you work, how prepared and motivated you are.

All of us make mistakes and fail. This is the most important part of success. When we learn from each failure, we are able adjust our path to achieve greater results.


Steven Spielberg has had a share of setbacks and failures before becoming successful. Walt Disney, Michael Jordan, Arianna Huffington, Jeff Bezos, and Bill Gates have gone through many ups and downs. Henry Ford and Steve Jobs also had a windy the road to glory. These people are great examples of how to deal with failures to get successful. Having failed, they did not give up. They pulled themselves out of despair to move forward.

If you want to succeed in life, you must believe in yourself. People often lose faith facing obstacles, setbacks, and fears. When you lack self-confidence, other people see that and do not treat you seriously. Not many people actually live the life they wanted to live. One of the main reasons for this is that they don’t believe in themselves. Strong internal faith leads you to greater external results.


In short, the fear of failure may seem stronger than a desire to achieve goals. Instead of focusing on a loss, concentrate on what you want to change in future. It is an indispensable part of success. Accept failures with gratitude for the lessons you learn.   

To stay motivated, tick off the things you’re thankful for every morning or before going to bed. Make a list of moments that make you smile. It will take several minutes, but the results will be significant. Always remember that many people overcome life obstacles like you and achieve great success.

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