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Self-Actualization in Life Purpose and Motivation

Self-Actualization in Life Purpose and Motivation

Your Most Important Tools to Unleash Your True Potential

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  • We always try to follow the path of the least resistance in our everyday life.
  • The monotony in life can lead to the fact that you begin to see the world from one perspective.
  • Self-realization is a person’s desire to fulfil his potentiality and open himself to the world. 
  • Focusing on one goal won’t let you find out your passions and potential.
  • Realize your potential, be curious and self-developed.


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Every person should find his place in life. Thus, it is necessary to use all the inner resources to have our maximum in this world and feel satisfaction.

Self-actualization allows you to know yourself better and find out all your pros and cons. It helps find the meaning of existence to get rid of longing, boredom, and depression forever.

In self-realization, you can discover the hidden qualities of your character and talents. So, there are ways to unlock your true potential.

Why Should You Unleash Your True Potential?

Life is often complicated and challenging, but you can find benefits from it. Difficulties make you stronger and more experienced, and you can easily overcome everything. Everything in your life can go down, and sometimes you can feel frustrated.

We should make our brains transform unpleasant elements into more positive factors. If you have a positive mentality that you can draw on and build on, you will be fine. 

The foundation that will help you in difficult times in your life is a positive mentality. This mentality focuses on what you are grateful for and what you enjoy on the way to achieving your goals.

Therefore, it is essential to train the brain to think more positively and achieve its goals. It is essential to reduce negativity and raise gratitude and joy for positivity. It helps you find your hidden potential and recognize that there is a solution to your problems. With the power of positive thinking on your part, setbacks become an opportunity to learn.

Optimism, practicality, and openness to new ideas are ways to overcome difficult times. You should be ready to change your life, increase your motivation, and fight for your dreams. So, you need to realize that you need step by step to take it. The process can be slow, but you can find the right attitude and overcome many mistakes and obstacles.

You can train your thoughts, develop self-worth, and a positive attitude to everything. In that case, you will unlock your true potential. You can overcome many issues, experience joy and peace every day. 

Take steps towards success with stable confidence in your decisions.


These Characteristics are All About a Self-Actualized Person

The American psychologist Maslow described the hierarchy of human needs. He was the father of the self-realization concept that started in the mid-nineteenth century. Within this hierarchy, he often prioritized and presented it as a pyramid. 

Self-actualization is at the top of Maslow’s hierarchy, the same as self-esteem. It can also include intimate relationships with friends. 

As we have seen from the definition, the human need is to reach its full potential. It means becoming a person with extraordinary talents and reaching potential. How do we do this, how do we achieve self-fulfillment, and what does this mean for us?

Examples of such self-actualized people are artists, musicians, and writers.

Many people wish they were different one way or another. They should accept themselves and other people as they are. It is also necessary to get your own extravagance, desires, and faults just like others. Nobody is perfect, so no one should ever have to apologize or feel guilt or shame for being themselves. We love ourselves and understand that people love just who we are.

Self-actualized people have the right to be themselves. He has the right and responsibility for who he is and what he does.

Such people are unique and always real because they accept and understand themselves. They also live according to their beliefs and values. They don’t pretend to be something they are not. These people recognize and realize authenticity and strive for it themselves.

For the average person, self-actualized people seem to have sound judgment. A characteristic of a self-realized person is in his realism and no kind of dishonesty.

Understanding the world logically and rationally will help to recognize all the fails. Self-realized people seek truth in everything, which gives them to understand more. 

They accept and connect themselves with the reality of the here and now, and they are outstanding in life.

Self-actualized people have goals, but they do not focus on future living in the present time. They have a plan and a way to fulfill that, following only their own way, not others. 

Self-realized people are very independent and do not follow the norms of society. They do not pay much attention to others’ needs, but first of all, to own development and personal growth.

These people do not accept external world restrictions and opinions. They receive only who they are and feel comfortable. Because of independence, the self-actualized people do not care about other opinions.

They have an excellent moral compass and take what they consider good and reject evil things. People should think over their decisions and assess their values to be in charge of what they do. They assess both sides of the problem and make their own decisions based on what they consider right. 

Self-realized people get their happiness from personal growth. However, they are also naturally motivated to develop their potential. 

They can identify problems in general and find quick solutions. They can do more in life and have the motivation to see how much they can grow to help more people, not just themselves. 

This real desire to help has no connection with self-interest but really cares for others. Self-realized people are humanists. They want this world to be as it is, and they are thankful for everything they have. 

They would like to impact the world, and they often pursue missions that go far beyond their own needs. These missions should solve problems for humanity and give a strong sense of purpose. It requires a lot of energy but is often pursued by those whose mission goes far beyond their own needs.

Such people are looking for life-purpose and self-consciousness in their own goals.   

It has resulted in spiritual reward and tends to be of great importance in life.

Self-actualization means the importance of leaving the comfort zone and reaching full potentiality. It means exploring everything new around. 

While most people fear the “unknown,” some even recognize that people accept it as a person. Although rare, this unusual experience can happen to anyone at any time. People who are aware of their own strengths and weaknesses will seek this experience.

We can not stay in a comfort zone and reach our full potential if we stay where we are. Instead, we accept, absorb, learn, and embrace ourselves and get it as part of us, not as an obstacle on our path.

We are afraid of the unknown, and that’s why people tend to be very spontaneous and unconventional. There aren’t many difficult situations that life has for us, but we have to deal with it.

People who feel social norms constraining are not ready to explore the unknown world.

Self-actualized people also have a deep and thoughtful sense of humor. They like to laugh and can find humor in most situations. On the other hand, they never make jokes about others and never shame or make other people ridiculous.

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Motivate Your Team to Achieve Progress While Completing the Work

If we are not motivated, we are unlikely to reach our true potential. Motivated people are enthusiastic, have a positive perspective, and do something significant. In short, they enjoy their work and their performance.

When people have motivation, it also seems more comfortable to work with them.

It is not easy, but influential leaders want their organizations to have such kind of people. That’s why managers and their workers need to keep teams motivated and inspired.

There are two types of motivation: external and internal. External motivators have a more or less positive influence on us. They mean that you use external factors to encourage your team to do what you want.

Intrinsically motivated people to get more satisfaction and joy from their work. Therefore you need the right mix of external and internal motivators to inspire. 

Each team member is different and will probably have extra motivation. It’s essential to get to know your people and find out what motivates them and you. It’s about the challenge, high-quality work, and interacting with trusted team members.

You can create an environment that helps a person become more motivated. Of course, everyone has their own motivation, and you cannot control them. However, team members, or even entire organizations, can benefit from this.

Motivated people have a positive attitude and adaptation, especially during changes. They always work hard to achieve success. It creates the right name for the organization, improves productivity and profit.

Managers can create a motivating environment by following these steps and strategies. Even unconsciously, his leadership style is strongly influenced by employees’ thinking manner. For example, it refers to a team member who does not like working and needs continuous monitoring.

Job satisfaction includes security, responsibility, and working in your own manner. If you do not address these problems, your people won’t have satisfaction. It will be difficult, sometimes even impossible, to motivate them.

The absence of satisfaction is often caused by irritating company policies. Still, you can also consider providing satisfaction to reduce bad things at work.

Remember that each team member has its own unique circumstances, backgrounds, and experiences. So, each person can have different motivational factors and some kind of self-motivation. If you understand each team member, you can help them in achieving goals.

You can use several tools and strategies to tailor your approach to motivation. However, it is essential to remember that each person and each situation is different. Thus, make sure you choose the theory or model that best suits your circumstances.


We usually focus on two or three goals. Still, achieving these goals does not affect our full potential. We understand this when we have our basic needs, and we try to find something more substantial. 

To start self-actualization, you should find the activities you like, anything attractive. It is all about appreciating your qualities, talents, and passions.

Self-actualization will make you think and possibly push you into action.

Finally, remember the old Greek saying, “Know thyself.” You cannot become who you are if you do not know who you are. This wisdom goes back to Socrates, and he would advise you to worry about it first.

We cannot reach self-actualization in a couple of days. Many unforeseen circumstances can always interfere with your progress. Carl Rogers, an American psychologist, also worked with the concept of self-actualization. He considered it not as a final stage but a continuous process.


Self-actualization is a really essential process, and the central part here is motivation. If you’re an employee, you should pay attention to your team member’s self-realization. It’s crucial for achieving the planned goals for the whole company. Motivate them to develop their new skills, hold conferences, and training with feedback. Your workers should have the inspiration to succeed, no matter what positions they have. 

Final Remarks 

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