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Knowing Your Bad Habits is the First Step to Recovering Your Body

Knowing Your Bad Habits is the First Step to Recovering Your Body

Methods of Dealing with Addictions

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How to Recover from Addiction?

For a long time, drugs were considered moral failures and weaknesses. Current research shows that substance abuse starts in the brain. Some people are prone to become addicted to drugs and alcohol. After a while, some of them face it. Prolonged drug use is dangerous for mental and physical health. These underlying habits can cause long-term health problems such as depression and anxiety. 

Most treatment programs focus on getting rid of the substances in the body, but not the brain. If you have bad habits and are afraid to use drugs or alcohol again, it is time to change your mind. This article shows the ways of getting rid of the addiction and its consequences. There are steps of recovering that will change your imagination of bad habits. If you have an addiction and can identify it, there is still time to retrain the brain.


  • Having addictions can lead you to depression, anxiety, and other physical and mental disorders.
  • One of the most productive methods of reducing its harmful impact is to change your life completely.
  • Support groups are helpful on the way to recovering.
  • Also, it’s essential to learn about self-care and relaxation techniques to prevent relapses.
  • Be honest with yourself and approach the matter consciously.


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Introduction. How Are Habits Formed?

Habit is a behavioral pattern that develops by repeating the same actions frequently. We can compare it with remembering to brush one’s teeth as soon as one wakes up, for example. Repetitive motion wires the brain to perform it automatically. 

We know that habits can change, but they can lead to addiction. Addiction is the need to do specific actions.

If you develop a habit of overeating or betting on sports, it can lead to addictive behaviors. Generally, it cannot be controlled without professional help, and it is not always easy to manage.

Most experts agree that all addictions are formed and maintained by a so-called «habit loop», the trigger memory. It leads to the usual behavior, and the benefits and pleasures derived from it cause the habit.

The formation of new habits can help to avoid relapses during recovery. To harness its power, the first step is to recognize addictions. 

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The 5 Tools that are Crucial for Changing Your Life

1. Creating a New World Without Addictions 

If you have ever questioned what to stay on the right track, ask yourself if you follow these rules. They are simple and straightforward, and all about what is necessary to do for your recovery. These rules are indicators that you are in the midst of one of the most challenging life periods. 

You have to change everything to create a blissful life without addictions. 

Here are some of the usual things people need to change before recovery sets in. 

Remove all the paraphernalia from the house, avoid people you used to drop off at the drug dealer’s neighborhood, and stay away from their homes. Of course, it is impossible to avoid all high-risk situations, but you should not hold back. If you are not ready, a small trigger can quickly turn into a strong desire.

Recovery is not about significant changes, but about a few small changes that influence the course of your life. Make a list of high-risk situations, see them as an opportunity to improve.

After making a list, discuss it with someone who is recovering. 

Negative thinking is a risk factor for the development of addiction and relapse. The common types of negative thinking are: “I don’t think I’m successful,” “Don’t I look like a loser?’. If you give in to these thoughts, it can lead to anxiety, depression, and addiction. If you think you will fail and feel trapped in life, leading you into these conditions, why try? You are anxious because you feel you are not likable or are afraid of being discovered.

A common fear is that there is no recovery from addiction. It is based on the fact that recovery demands a particular strength and willpower that one does not have. Cognitive-behavioral therapy has been shown to alter negative thinking and treat its consequences. The basic idea behind this is that there is no “learned thinking” and that negative thinking can be replaced by healthy.

2. Find Your Support Group 

Most people start their recovery with an attempt independently, but doing that alone is the hard way. Perhaps you have already tried it unsuccessfully. Wanted to prove that you have your addiction under control, and it was not as unhealthy as people think.

Try and ask for help, but you have to show common sense when asking for it. Not everyone is your best friend. Some people may not support you in your recovery or understand that you have an addiction. Don’t let that stop you. 

Everyone has difficulties getting help, and that is one of the reasons why support groups are essential. By creating an environment that is not judgmental, you can make it easier to find help. Many support groups are a twelve-step relationship that includes twelve ways to recover.

Several of them are the Alcoholics and Drug Addicts Support Group, the National Alliance on Mental Illness, and others.

Being confident that you are not alone in your feelings of mental health problems, you have a safe place where you are not judged. You can learn strategies that have been successful in your recovery. Learn what addiction denial sounds like when you hear about it from others, and find one to succeed in your recovery. 

Guilt and shame can be an obstacle to recovery because they damage you. It makes you feel that you do not deserve happiness. Support groups help you to overcome it. Ensure that you are not alone but part of a community of people on the rise. Forget the feeling that recovery is out of reach and focus on your life’s positive things, such as your family, friends, and community.

How to get the best out of the support group? When you join a group, you admit that you are addicted, which is one reason people don’t join. You’re afraid that someone will recognize you, and don’t like to talk to the people around you. Most people who join support groups have the same objections. 

Once you have decided what your support group is, try and ask the people how they can overcome it. You may find that you are not the only person in the group who may feel uncomfortable in their way.

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3. Lies Won’t Help You on the Way of Changing

Addiction is full of lies. Once you have developed a habit, you can easily lie when getting medication, hiding its consequences, or planning the next relapse. This is why addicts often feel they do not know who they are.

If you don’t like yourself, lying leads to not looking at yourself in the mirror. It makes a vicious cycle: the more you use it, the less you enjoy yourself. The more you practice that and escape from yourself, the more intense feelings of disgust, anxiety, and depression you have. 

Even if you’re 100 percent honest with the people around you, it won’t change anything. If you are honest with yourself, you do not give your addiction room to hide. If you lie, you leave the door open to relapse.

Do you think you should share what is going on with other people, or should you stay in your recovery? It does not mean that you should fix yourself for others, be honest with yourself.

We spend so much time learning how to lie that telling the truth, no matter how good it is, doesn’t feel natural. Honesty is not simple, so you have to practice a few hundred times before it gets a little easier.

4. Remember of the Self-care Importance 

There are a few reasons why people use drugs and alcohol. Recreation does not mean denying yourself a way to escape, relax, and reward yourself. In other words, people take drugs or alcohol as a form of self-sufficiency or “self-medication.” Think of better self-care forms, such as exercise, meditation, yoga, reading, writing.

Without taking care of yourself, you feel irritable, exhausted, and dissatisfied. If you have these feelings for too long, you will start to think you are only using them to escape. Self-care may sound selfish, but that is precisely what people do when they turn to their addiction.

 If you have time to relax and unwind, it will reward you, even if it is only for a short time. Self-sufficiency is all about chic travel and frivolous shopping. Yet, it would help if you had it for mental well-being. 

Start with healthy eating and sleeping habits. Switch to healthy lunches, so you don’t feel much hungry at the end of the day. Develop better sleeping habits to make yourself less tired. Learn to relax, so you are not filled with fear and resentment. It is only a small part of a much larger picture of self-care.

We tend to do multiple similar things when we are in a tense state of mind. We need the first rule of recovery, which is to change our lives. When you are in tension, you are not open to change. To bring changes into your life – learn how to relax.

There is only one reason why people do not relax, and that is because they think they are too busy. Do not fail to learn to relax. Tension is the most common cause of recurrence.

Ask yourself how much time you spend on your addiction. If you sum up the time, it takes you to get medicine, take it, deal with its consequences, and plan your next relapse. You will realize that a twenty or forty-minute relaxation a day is a bargain.

Relaxation is crucial for healing and long-term health. You can find many ways to relax, from simple techniques such as walking to more complex ones, meditation, and yoga classes.

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5.  Be Grateful for Your Addiction 

It can be rewarding when you get the chance to change your life, but it can also be problematic. Most people go sleepwalking in life, and one day you wake up and wonder why you’re not happy. Don’t think about what you will be, but about who you are and where you live.

People who recover often describe themselves as “grateful addicts,” but why should anyone be grateful to have an addiction? It gives you a chance to find yourself. If you take this opportunity right, you will look back on it as one of the best things. 

Recreation can help change lives. Take your addiction seriously, do not try to negotiate your recovery, and you will be satisfied with experience when you recover.


We can finish with the statement that getting rid of the addiction is not that easy as it may seem. This article includes answers to the next questions:

  • What are habits and addiction?
  • How do people become addicted?
  • How to start changing life? 
  • How to find support on the way of recovering?
  • How to build relationships on trust with yourself?

You will need a strong desire to get rid of addiction and avoid relapses. Many methods can help, depending on your personality and the result you want to achieve. 


In this article, we prepared some useful resources to help you find a solution to your problem. Follow the links above to get more knowledge about addiction’s causes and its consequences. Also, find support during recovery. It’s necessary for overall mental and physical well-being. Look through all the tips again and find yourself the method that works best for you!

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