How to Use Mind-Body Practices to Boost Your Energy Levels

How to Use Mind-Body Practices to Boost Your Energy Levels?

How Do We Use Our Energy and How Does Yoga Work?

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Introduction to Mind-Body Practices

In this article, you will find information about various types of yoga and its practices. You may experience them all. However, you should choose the best suitable techniques considering your state. It is essential to understand three ways how we apply our energy, as well.

Our routines include driving to work, staring at our computer screens for hours, getting stuck in traffic on the way home, and feeling guilty about spending less time with loved ones. What do we use our energy for, and what can yoga do?  Our bodies need energy for mental and physical activity, a healthy diet, and sufficient sleep powers us up.


  • Have you ever found yourself tired, exhausted, fatigued, or having trouble concentrating?
  • The good news is, you can change your lifestyle and increase your physical and mental energy levels naturally;
  • One of the easiest ways to boost your vitality is to move – be it walking, bodyweight exercising, dancing, or yoga;
  • You can also increase your energy levels by getting more sleep, reducing stress, avoiding smoking and alcohol, listening to relaxing music, performing self-massage, getting outdoors, eating a nutritious diet, or staying hydrated; 
  • One alternative way of boosting your overall health is by doing mind-body exercises, particularly Yoga practices that focus on movement and meditation


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The Flow of Energy in Our Bodies

It is no secret nowadays that we can energize our bodies through yoga, exercise, and regular meditation. In yoga practice, we use our energy to transport essential nutrients for organs’ support.

The body must transform nutrients that come with food into, let’s say, glucose, which serves as fuel. Our cells are miniature factories that convert nutrients into proteins, enzymes, and messenger molecules. These are then transported to places where they are needed. The transportation substances are part of the physical communication system of our body. 

The energy we use for communication is much lower than the energy used for transporting substances and transformation.

Transport and transformation are the primary features of metabolism. Since heat is a common by-product of energy consumption, it is relatively easy to measure how much power the body needs for transport and transformation. You only need a thermometer, and it is easy to estimate how much the body warms up – but it is not that simple when it comes to your body systems. 

However, the energy requirement for communication is significantly lower and, therefore, more difficult to determine. So-called cellular signaling is an entirely new area of research. It means the connection between cells and the rest of the body. It is no wonder that we have to understand the diverse communication systems in our bodies to know more about energy consumption. 

The study of how physical stress and strain on the tissue generate communication is studied by science known as mechanic-biology. This area focuses on energy generation, energy consumption, and energy storage. 

Yoga Practice for Relieving Stress

Yoga is a physical, mental, and spiritual activity that originated in ancient India. It is one of the most popular yoga forms in the world, with millions of practitioners worldwide. Besides the physical benefits, one of the best interests of yoga is how it helps a person deal with stress, which is known to have devastating effects on the body and mind.

Dr. Nevins said that stress manifests itself in various ways, including depression, anxiety disorders, and even physical and mental health problems. He explains that the relaxation techniques used in yoga can alleviate anxiety and depression and other psychiatric disorders. Yoga can also decrease blood pressure, reduce insomnia, and lower stress levels in the body and mind. 

Dr. Nevins said that regular yoga exercises provide mental clarity and calmness, alleviate chronic stress patterns, relax the mind, and sharpen concentration. Yoga can help improve a person’s mental wellbeing, including meditation and breathing. It can be an excellent technique for developing skills, such as self-control, self-esteem, and mental health

Basic Types of Yoga Practice

Yoga is a five-millennium-old practice that has changed over time. Modern yoga has evolved with an emphasis on movement, strength, flexibility, and breathing. There are multiple aspects to explore Yoga, including meditation, special breathing, and body practice. There are many different schools of yoga, depending on what people want and how fit they are. 

Some Yoga styles are more authentic, while others evolve to embrace new trends and techniques. With its emphasis on strength, flexibility, and breathing, Yoga became popular in the 1970s. Modern Yoga presents many varieties, and the key is to choose a class that suits your fitness level. 

What is so unique about this physical and mental activity? Yoga says that a healthy, yogic lifestyle is created through meditation, yoga exercises, and physical activity. Hatha Yoga classes often serve as a gentle introduction to the basic yoga postures (asanas). 

Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga appeared in 1984 and combined spiritual teaching and practices, such as meditation. Ashtanga applies six established attitudes that combine movement and breath. It consists of a set of techniques to find the right alignment and balance between its components. 

Jivamukti yoga stands for “liberation of life” in Sanskrit, which means the liberation of body and mind from pain and suffering. Jivamukti Yoga can be physically intense. 

Yoga classes usually begin and end with singing mantras. Kundalini Yoga is a meditation system that aims to release sexual energy. The course usually starts with breathing exercises and gentle stretches, followed by a series of specific poses and a final relaxation. The authentic 12 basic asanas are typically used and booked for sun salutation. 

In the late 1980s, practitioners developed an active, athletic type of yoga based on the traditional Ashtanga system. There are asanas, pranayamas, and meditation that are tailored to achieve outstanding results.

Viniyoga can suit any person, regardless of their physical abilities. Its teachers are usually experts in anatomy and yoga therapy. It uses passive poses, meaning that gravity acts on our body with the perfect force and effort.

Yoga can be useful for various purposes: for women who seek to regain fitness after pregnancy or people with chronic health problems, such as diabetes. However, some people opt to replace conventional treatments with yoga, preventing them from getting the medical care they might need.

Approaching yoga with a specific purpose can help a person decide which school to follow.

Yoga Can Boost Your Vitality Through Physical Exercises

Mind-Body Practices to Boost Your Energy

There are several mind-body exercises available to improve your overall vitality level. Spending much of the day sitting drains energy and contributes to serious health problems. 

Only throughout recent history have people become more settled. Long sitting days drain our energy and make us feel not well. The best way to boost your energy level is to get up and move. No matter what activity you choose, your energy level will increase with each step you make. 

Arms and legs movements increase blood circulation throughout the body via lymph hormones and neurotransmitters, bringing the mind-body system into balance, further raising the energy output. When you get up and move, your heart pumps faster and circulates the blood gathered in your lower body. 

Yoga poses help transport more oxygen to your brain, allowing you to feel a heightened awareness and increase your energy. Try sun salutations, Surya Namaskar, or one of the simple yoga poses. It will help you to nourish and revitalize your entire physiology. 

The Ultimate Importance of Breathing for Our Body

While the state of mind and body can affect breathing, breathing can also change the body and mind. If you breathe fast and deeply, your body’s energy is deducted from the energy meter because you use less oxygen when it becomes tired. 

If you inhale deeply, you take full advantage of your lungs and receive about 5,000 milliliters of air per inhalation. In comparison, shallow breathing absorbs only 500 milliliters per second, less than half of a full lung’s energy. 

The extra air contains prana, the life force that animates all living beings, and that is what yogis train. It is the key to optimizing your mind-body energy performance. To increase your energy effectively, try Bhastrika Breath. Take a full, deep breath when you feel low in energy. Just consider how a few minutes of this exercise will help you feel more alert and fit! 

Staying Outdoors Increase Our Energy Level

For many of us, the workplace is a very controlled, cramped, artificial environment. This condition affects your mood and can also consume your energy reserves and cause fatigue. 

Moving outdoors can affect your mood and vitality almost instantaneously in several ways. Our ancestors moved to towns only a few generations ago and spent much of their time out of the house, and ancient wisdom and tradition know little about the sedentary lifestyle. 

Firstly, we are exposed to the boundless energy of the natural world, and it is abundant. Feeling the sun on your face is only one way to get vital energy from the environment. It also allows us to capture the vibrant colors and textures of nature.

Finally, the natural environment provides an excellent opportunity to practice your body’s movements comfortably, for example, stretching for 5-7 minutes. If you can do this exercise outdoors in your natural environment for a short time, even just for a few minutes, your energy influx will be tenfold compared to training indoors. 

Perform Self-Massage

Our skin is the most critical part of our body, which we continuously represent to the outer world. It is not a gateway to the outside world but serves as an inner pharmacy that can release the hidden energy stores and vitality when activated. 

Self-massage, known in Ayurveda as Abhyanga, can awaken this energy. Massage of the body increases the skin’s tension, improves blood circulation, releases chemicals, and increases alertness. Massages are traditionally performed with vegetable oils. 

Just try to take 4-5 minutes and treat yourself to a vigorous mini massage. 

If you like to receive vibrational energy in the form of sound, try singing mantras. Imagine your body and mind reacting to gently rippling waves. Hopefully, the boost of energy will tempt you to make this visualization exercise a regular part of your day. The proper sound can calm, relax, inspire, and even revitalize the mind, body, and systems. The sound effect depends on the frequency, tempo, and rhythm. 

Compare this sensation to how we react to light, sound, wind, water, air, heat, light, and even breathing. You can also use recorded or streamed music to deliver a refreshing song that will lift your vitality. You can use the power of melody to give the necessary boost, or you can tune in to music to relax and follow a catchy beat. 

If you want to intensify your feelings, move your body intact with the music. Also, you can use the vibrational power of the primal tones to revitalize your energy. Practice singing mantras quietly or loudly and become aware of how your body reacts to the vibrations. 


With its primary focus on convenience, our society sharply contrasts with traditional wisdom cultures that used pure, natural remedies to maintain the body’s vital energy. Modern yoga, in particular, focuses on stretching and poses that are supposed to stimulate inner peace of mind and physical strength of the body. The physical benefits of yoga include:

  • Increased flexibility;
  • Increased muscle strength and tone;
  • Improved respiration, energy, and vitality;
  • Maintaining a balanced metabolism;
  • Stable weight reduction;
  • Cardio and circulatory health;
  • Improved athletic performance.

You may use different types of an energy practice, but feel what gives you the best results. Figure out what is more healthy for your body and mind. Try Yoga and feel how it improves all aspects of your life. 


Being continually stressed can depend on a sedentary or unhealthy lifestyle. One way you can overcome it is by including activities in your daily life. We recommend you familiarize yourself with Yoga practices. As it is known, 

Yoga can prevent  mental disorders, such as anxiety and even depression, and, at the same time, increase your self-esteem and self-awareness. Try to start from exercises for at least 10 minutes every morning. It also will be beneficial for you to meditate outdoors if you have this opportunity. Experiment with various techniques to figure out what works best for you!

Final Remarks

Yoga can support a balanced, active lifestyle and help you find ways to enjoy an active lifestyle throughout the day. With better energy levels, you can perform your work before the deadline and dedicate more time to your hobbies or spend quality time with your family and friends. Try yoga practice and tell us how you have integrated it into your everyday life and how you feel it has helped you.

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