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How to Prevent Yourself from Making Wrong Decisions and Finally Achieve Your Dream Goals

How to Prevent Yourself from Making Wrong Decisions and Finally Achieve Your Dream Goals

Illusions That Prevent You from Achieving What You Want the Most

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  • Human life is merely impossible to imagine without mistakes.
  • These flaws stimulate a person to get rid of pride, anger, stubbornness, and become softer, more patient, and kinder.
  • Finding a mistake is the first step towards getting rid of it.


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Introduction to the Main Mistakes in Our Life 

 It is easy to fall into the trap of blindly following others’ advice, especially when you are tired and frustrated. So, it is comfortable for us to believe that others’ advice brings us closer to what we want to be.

In this state of frustration and hopelessness, you can be hurt and waste your time, money, and valuable resources by making mistakes. They prevent you from achieving the success you so desperately desire.

It is the grind that leads to fame, and it is your fault that you do not make enough effort to achieve your goals. Here are some of the mistakes you should look out for to avoid them and succeed.

These Mistakes Disturb You from Your Personal Development 

It is a mistake that can cause you a lot of trouble. You need so much effort to achieve your desired goals. Remember, it’s essential not only for yourself but also for your family.

It is a mistake to follow the simple, the fast, and the free. Progress is for brave ones. Still, there is also the price of progress because growth comes at the brave’s expense, and there are no automatic shortcuts or dead ends.

It is a mistake to believe that you can succeed without great sacrifices. So, don’t be shy to ask for help if you need it. Others want and will help you get what you want.

It is a mistake to expect others to care more about your success than you do. That is only your way, and you should be the most motivated in your undertakings. 

It is a mistake to understand failure as anything other except a learning experience. You cannot get out of it if you fail along the way.

It is a mistake to expect others to manage every detail of your life and every task.

It is a mistake to let bad times lead to losing sight of the bigger picture. Don’t make yourself less motivated, less focused, and less successful in the long run. 

It is a mistake to worry about what others think about you. What they feel about you is not your fault.

It is a mistake to believe that you can do anything and expect to succeed in everything, no matter how clever or strong you are. 

It is another mistake to blame others for your circumstances, and this lie destroys your chances of achieving your significant goals.

It is a mistake to be guided by emotion when making decisions, even if these feelings are self-destructive. Don’t forget that everyone is going through something, and you shouldn’t expect them to think like you.

Care about what others want from you, but it is another mistake to be too preoccupied with yourself. Listen to others and yourself and make the right decisions and priorities. Be the better version of yourself in competition, improve every day. Still, you shouldn’t try to please everyone around you.

Surrounding yourself with people who are as good as you are is a mistake, too. You only get better when you learn from others around you. So find better people than you and learn from them.

Be open to anything that makes you better, but do not compare yourself to your family or friends. 

Stubbornness is like a fire burning to the end, and it is a mistake to refuse to change your mind.

If you can’t tell the truth, you lose everything. It is a mistake not to be honest with yourself, so just focus on your mission and be yourself.

The best thing about learning from your mistakes is that you can turn things around, no matter how bad you failed in the past. Usually, it is only your enemies who stop you.

Source: https://youtu.be/L57HYnWVNfk

Commitment as a Key to Achieve Success 

Less than 40% of people set regular targets. Statistically, few of them manage to start at all. Of this small group of targets, less than 8% are actually making progress.

This means that from 100 people, only 2-3 will ever do enough of the right things. Frankly, there are people who, despite failure and frustration, learn to commit to a goal.

You see something new that sounds great and want to try it out. Still, you lack commitment in pursuing personal and professional goals.

So you repeat that cycle that takes away your joy and happiness, and quickly find yourself moving on to the next one. Maybe you get bored and don’t give yourself a chance to work the way you should, or you get tired of it all.

How often do you question your motives? It is at the end of the year when we reassess our lives. How can we break this cycle? It is essential to know what you want. So, always follow your goals and keep your own way.

Ask yourself:

  • What person do you want to be?
  •  What people do you need to surround you to achieve goals?

Your path may change, but change is inevitable. Once you have made up your mind, you should be there and not stop until you are at your destination. As long as you are there, your path is your commitment.

Whether it’s time with your partner or children, or just time with your best friend, getting into a relationship is the best way to develop a full responsibility. The key is to focus on the path, not just on a particular goal. 

Understandably, everyone is busy. So, it is easy to get lost in the business hustle and forget what is really important. If you are not sure whether you can afford to spend even twenty minutes a day telling your loved ones that you appreciate them, then you should make a new commitment.

Make a decision: 

  • “I’m going to reduce sugar consumption, and I’m going to do it for the rest of my life every day.”
  • “I will reduce meat from my diet, but in this case, I will add a little more vegetables.”
  • ”I would like to be in the gym at least three times a week and exercise every day for the rest of the year.”

When you return to the old habits you used to have, it’s time for you to “get involved” again. If you can’t take everything simultaneously, take step by step until you commit to a new goal.

Sometimes positive thinking does not always help, and you need someone who is professionally qualified to really help you solve your problems. It’s not wrong to seek for expert help.

If your saving habits pale compared to your spending habits, it’s time to consider this issue. You have to be fit, not just in terms of physical, but also mental health.

There is a strong case for the human spirit and behavior. We commit ourselves to find food when we are hungry. We do not know everything in our professional life, but we decide to satisfy our hunger for knowledge and new skills. 

Set your expectations high enough to achieve them, but not so high that you will be continuously disappointed. That seems easier said than done, and many people get through it, so if you do the best you can, do it.

Don’t beat yourself up and make it an invitation to step out of your comfort zone. Commitment to excellence in business and life in general: working hard, being consistent, carrying through the papers, getting over it, and not getting knocked down.

Try a new business strategy, try new products or services, new marketing strategies, or new ideas for your company.

You don’t have to say “yes” to everything, but if you commit to saying “yes” more often, the quality of life will increase tenfold.

It’s okay to ask for what you want. It’s okay to take the first step and do something unpredictable. Take a risk and be open to it.

Do the things that need to be done. If you commit to being passive, the world will pass you by, but if you are brave, it will not.

You could volunteer to change your life on a weekly or monthly basis, or you could start your own changes. 

Do the one thing that matters to you and keep going, even if you are bored or discouraged. So, plan anything on your list. It’s one crucial thing for you.

Small changes make big difference. By the way, it’s not easy for most people to try something new. Still, if you’re nervous about trying it out, here are a few quick tricks to make it easier.

Source: https://blog.mindvalley.com/stay-committed-to-achieving-results/ 

The Perfect Morning Formula to Increase Your Personal Growth

You should spend the first twenty minutes of the day doing intense physical activity. Make a few burpees, run for a short time, or do some kind of exercise that would wake your body up. Still, don’t do it too early in the morning. You should find the right time for yourself.

The next twenty minutes are for reflection and reconnection.

At this stage, it is essential to reflect on its values and goals. At this point, consider its purpose as a mountain to be conquered and reconnected with the summit.

Meditation at this time of day can help you purify the mind and cultivate mindfulness. It also enables you to relax and develop concentration.

You can have great psychology and strong beliefs, but sabotage yourself if you have toxic mind. Growth is about self-awareness, self-esteem, and a strong sense of self. Still, it’s not about ego or selfishness. Psychologically, you may have significant superiority or strong belief, but a “toxic heart” sabotages you.

Emotionality is a matter of the heart, and our basic emotions are sadness, pain, or anger. If you don’t forgive people, you’re harming yourself. So, it will prevent you from achieving your abundant potential.

Health means understanding energy that is even more valuable than intelligence. Without it, you will never be able to deliver world-class performance. Your health program is about vitality, strength, and longevity, so you can serve and do great things. Then in the morning, while the rest of the world sleeps, connect your soul with your highest nature and noble virtues.

The 5 AM Club has been widely criticized for its benefit, but it is actually one of the world’s most successful health programs.

The secret is to control your time to wake up at 5 in the morning and have a quiet phase that allows you to get the right amount of sleep. Life is getting stressful, and we all require 8 hours of sleep. Still, we need to do it before 5 o’clock to sleep at 9 o’clock and get the right number of rest hours.

Formula 20/20/20 is a great way to start by waking up before the sun rises. As with any other habit, it takes time and is definitely challenging initially. Still, if you can practice for 66 days and remember your priorities for the journey, you will build a positive and lasting habit. You will experience a tremendous growth spurt in your life, enjoy increased productivity, and grow as a person.


Success and failure go hand in hand. If you meet any successful person and talk with him about his path to win, you will understand that he owes his position today to the mistakes that helped him become who he is now.

Many of us want to be successful. In reality, only a few achieve this. If you are interested in the topic of success, analyze and watch statistics, and you will understand that more than 90 percent of people who have attempted to change their lives make mistakes and ultimately fail. So, we have discussed some of the most common mistakes, and here are the ideas you should follow during your life way:

  • Try to listen to yourself and not others;
  • Determine your priorities;
  • Always take the first step;
  • Realize that happiness is your own choice.


It’s impossible to overcome all the obstacles on the way to achieving your desired goals. Still, it’s not the reason to stop. First of all, you should remember to concentrate on your attainments, not failures. The way to overcome obstacles determines your future success. And remember that you can have everything under control.

Final Remarks 

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