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How to Make Use of Negative Experience to Overcome Problems? 

How to Make Use of Negative Experience to Overcome Problems?

What Are the Simple Ways to Transform a Negative Past?

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Excessive anticipation of the future is in human nature. Replaying events from the past, focusing on the negativities that leave us disheartened and devastated.

These negative and unwanted thoughts shift the focus from the priorities, draining energy, preventing us from enjoying the present. They cause anxiety and depression. 

The good news – it is possible to replace these negative mental patterns by thoughts that help us. A little mindfulness or even a few hours of meditation a day can make a tremendous difference to our daily happiness and comfort.

Nobody likes to fail or experience a losing streak. In modern society, failure seems incredibly painful, knocking the ground out from under the feet. However, psychologists argue that any loss can be as beneficial to success in life as … a dentist’s visit. It is also unpleasant. It is crucial to learn how to relate to your failures and draw experience from them in the long run.


  • Ignoring negative thoughts can backfire and make you feel even worse. 
  • It is easy to focus on negative experiences and thoughts and let them outweigh positive ones.
  • You could try meditation or a simple mindfulness exercise. This training helps overcome anxiety disorders by accepting feelings.
  • Knowing how to lower negative thoughts’ impact on the positive ones is a vital skill.


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What Plants Negative Events so Deep in Our Memory

Have you ever noticed that negative memories and experiences stay with you longer than positive ones? 

There is a good reason for this. Scientists believe that these emotions were more important to our ancestors, and our brains evolved to pay more attention to them. Being sick or breaking up a social group is the kind of event that could have been fatal. Negative emotions are often a sign that you are not well, that one of your social bonds is not healthy, or that an awful feeling hangs over you. 

 When something frustrating happens, we tend to think more about it. We try to process information about the event. We use more vital words to describe events and negative feelings.

What Makes It So Powerful?

If we remember again that our ancestors worried about being eaten by a tiger, we can see how concentration on the negative works. Those who are better attuned to bad things remember the last time they escaped a predator more vividly. 

They pay more attention to the grass rustling and therefore pass it genetically through generations. On average, those who focus on the negative more remember that they were more likely to survive the threat. 

While it seems best to experience only positive emotions, research shows that frustrating one also plays an important role. Anxiety helps us to reflect on the situation, and we can better understand what has happened. So, we can think about how we are about to act in the future. 

 After a psychotherapy session, people usually have a mixture of good and bad feelings that increase their well-being. It also increases the number of emotions they are going to have in the next week or two. Unpleasant mixed feelings still lead to improvement. 

You might think you can keep negative feelings at bay, but trying to ignore them can backfire and make you feel worse. Despite the benefits of negative emotions, there are a bunch of drawbacks. Frustration experience cannot be avoided entirely. The more setbacks or conflicts you face, the more likely you are to have negative feelings.

How Can You Overcome Negativity?

For many, it can be simple to focus on negative experiences and thoughts and let them outweigh positive feelings. Studies on suppressing negative feelings generally agree that this is a bad idea. The key is not to completely ignore negativity, but to appreciate thoughts for what they are without committing to them. Do not let negative emotions overwhelm you too much.

Some researchers also suggest that accepting negative emotions is the best approach to dealing with them. You could try meditation or a simple mindfulness exercise. Training helps participants overcome anxiety disorders by teaching them to accept their feelings. Mindfulness has also helped people to cope more easily with trauma and drug addiction. It is beneficial for people with mental health problems. 

The key idea is to acknowledge your feelings rather than try to change or influence them. Understand how you feel rather than suppress emotions. Don’t pay excessive attention to the negative. It is not enough to separate criticism from the excellent feedback and opinions that need improvement.

If you often deal with negative experiences, you know that this is an intense process. If you don’t get too involved, try to use your mental resources in other ways. Thus your brain will have excessive energy to deal with the past’s negative experiences. Distract your focus from persistent negative emotions.

Play an instrument or do sports that you enjoy, find a way to give your brain relaxation, and refocus on the work. These activities do not require an expansion of cognitive effort, aiming to draw attention to what you are doing. They keep your mind moving so that it cannot focus on other things. It requires mental concentration, so try and enjoy it for a few minutes.

This approach helps your mind get rid of wrong thoughts that are already processed in your consciousness. Remember that suppressing emotions is not healthy.

Is It Important to Deal with Negative Thoughts?

Your mind tends to convince you of something that is not true, and imprecise thoughts amplify your negative thinking.

Let’s say you blame everything that goes wrong, even if you think someone isn’t smiling because you’ve done something to upset him/her. If you have distorted thoughts, stop, and evaluate whether they apply to you or not.

Think about what you would do if your friend spoke to you like that, and you probably counter the opposing view with a good rebuttal. Apply the same logic to thoughts and then think about why things turned out differently than you had hoped. Ask yourself whether you expected the worst or blamed yourself for things not going the way you would have liked.

Take a break from destructive emotions every day.

One method to do this is not to keep your thoughts in your head for a few minutes each day. Then take a break, leave the day behind you and return to the day with a complimentary view for yourself. Our dissatisfaction is caused by continually comparing ourselves to other people and our lives to ideal images. You judge yourself for that mostly unconsciously.

We will feel more comfortable if we can let go of these beliefs. 

The beneficial technique is to judge ourselves positively, as well as others around us. If you find another person or situation negatively, look for good qualities in yourself.  Research shows that gratitude has a significant impact on happiness. When you are going through a difficult time in your life, you can find things to be grateful for, such as friends, family, and the people you keep in touch with. 

If you feel that things are going well, it can make you feel happier, leading to a more positive attitude. Keeping a gratitude diary and writing down a few things every day is an easy and effective way to overcome wrong thoughts. It is human nature to persist in the negative and overlook the positive. If we practice focusing on our strengths and not falling into the mistakes, it may be simpler to find the direction our life is heading in positively.

When you are thinking hard about your personality or actions, take a moment to pause and reminisce something you like about yourself. If you cannot cope with your thoughts, seek professional support. Counseling and therapy can help you survive life changes and reduce emotional distress.

What Are the Tools to Overcome Negativity?

When you are critical of someone or yourself, remember that the outside world is a mirror of your inner one. 

Welcoming negativity and understanding that it is an expression of an unfulfilled need is a habit we acquire. Self-acceptance is the ability to face our unmet needs and mourn the loss we could never allow ourselves. It is essential to recognize and accept, not deny or suppress, the difficult emotions and moods we experience. 

When we feel hurt by someone, we need to understand that the new pain is like the old pain. Sometimes you cannot help but think like a victim. So there are some methods to overcome negativity in daily life.

Let yourself be put in discomfort because you know that everything will be fine. Use it to trust the flow and process of life and let go of your past, forgive, and move on with joy. One can find popular affirmations online or write down oneself to remember the negative things you try to forget.

It is essential to feel loyal to others, and your service awakens your empathy for them. It is all very well to make relationships in places where there is little or no connection.

When negative emotions arise, it can be difficult to motivate ourselves, and when we feel that way, it is tempting to let go of our worries and then feel bad. It is also essential to take a deep breath and clean the house a little before going outside. 

Yoga is one practical tool for self-acceptance for depression and anxiety. Studies claim that yoga increases GABA levels in the brain, which calms the nervous system. Training, baths, and walks are essential forms of self-sufficiency that help our mind recover. Self-love and self-care can show your confidence and respect, even in negative emotions.


How to Transform Negative Experience into Success?

It is crucial to be able to cope with negative experiences to move forward. Therefore, if you did not go to college, you were fired from your job, or your beloved girl left you, do not rush to diagnose yourself “I am no good, I am a loser.”

You will need time to deal with the flurry of emotions. What is your most likely failure? Shame and fear are what an adult usually encounters in this case.But everyone is wrong, everyone fails, and it says nothing about your personality and your abilities in general. 

Self-sufficient does not necessarily mean responsible for everyone and everything. It is easier for someone to be in the presence of a person who understands your emotions. However, your friend shouldn’t try to influence the intensity and depth of your feelings. Stress resilience is about being emotionally free.  

It is essential to make your experience of failure efficient. That is, to understand what exactly went wrong to prevent this from happening in the future. At this stage, you need to exclude the thought that you were “out of luck.” This word is just psychological protection. It is a sign that you subconsciously do not want to analyze the situation and discover the reasons for your failures. It means that you will not change anything in yourself and are doomed to new failures. It will not work!

The reasoning should be something like, “What could I have done to avoid this situation and what was left out? What actions led me to such an accident?” Accepting your failures and understanding what has happened is an integral part of the future movement towards success. 

We need to experience mistakes to realize what we want in life. Therefore, try not only to understand what was wrong in the previous strategy but also what you wish.

Perhaps the failure happened precisely because you were not implementing your life plan? Many goals that we take for our own, upon closer examination, turn out to be the goals of our parents, or friends, or society as a whole. They impose what we should strive for. 

It means that a situation of failure is a chance to stop and answer the question of what you want. There are cases when people take truly brilliant moves in life only when they have nothing to lose!

After answering what you want, weigh your capabilities, and build a strategy for achieving the goal. Sports psychologists give athletes the task to develop a clear and constructive plan of action after a new failure. It is necessary to create a plan for actions you are about to take to achieve your goal.


If you tend to keep quiet about your negative experiences, it is time to rethink your approach. If you express your emotions, you may feel good, but the valve will not get better by venting, only worse. 

You may also experience the same negative thoughts and feelings in the future. 

Engaging in negative thoughts can promote negative feelings within the team.

Thinking about yourself will create less negative emotions and feelings in the future.

If you want to find more information about the above mentioned topic, please follow the article about overcoming negative feedbacks.


Like any human, you regularly deal with negative thoughts and experiences. Failures can be painful and frustrating, but make you stronger and give you valuable feedback. Due to ups and downs, you can change and grow your problem-solving skills. Trust the flow of life that throws you to your other side.

Final Remarks 

Share your thoughts on the article, please. Was it interesting and valuable? Let us know what is efficient for you in the comments, and share it with the people who may find it useful. Follow up on our future articles.

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