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How to Keep Yourself Motivated Without Losing Your Identity

Keep Yourself Motivated Without Losing Your Identity

Are You Losing Sight of Things?

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  • There is nothing worse than gaining everything but harming your soul.
  • We need some peace, concentration, and power to change.
  • Communicate, be thoughtful and honest, and decide what you want to do
  • If you need more in your private life and business goals, go there and get it.
  • If you are not sure what you want, it can be challenging to motivate yourself.
  • A motivated person reinforces the decisions until they become habits.
  • Give yourself precise instructions and the deadline for a specific target.
  • Personal motivation is the key to maintaining almost every aspect of life.


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Motivation is a set of driving forces that pushes a person to action. A person’s motivation determines success. If you want to succeed in life, then you need inspiration. If you learn to motivate yourself properly, you will live a healthy, happy, and meaningful life.

For many people, absorbing another dose of motivation has become a dose of addiction. However, after its passing, you live with the feeling of helplessness and worthlessness.

The task of motivation is to raise emotions on a wave of feelings that will take us to the cherished goal. It is surfing on the crest of a wave but not working hard with oars.

Motivation is popular, but not because it leads to results. It is as popular as any other easy path. Unfortunately, every person is looking for an easy, but not the right way. And if it creates at least some appearance of the right choice, people will probably choose it. 

Motivation does not make the path easy. It only hands out a promise and creates the illusion that everything will turn out easily. People are neither mentally nor physically prepared for it. They live in their illusions and easily give up before problems and difficulties. Their motto to wait for the right moment of life.

Things That Cause Your Lack of Motivation

There is nothing worse than gaining everything but harming your soul. We feel empty sometimes because of losing the real essence of life. Nothing can fulfill us, except for finding our life plan and moving our everyday action motto. 

Although we are full of ideas, go to many places, and have a lot to do, some of us are still in the fog. When we look for the opportunities, we learn that we can motivate ourselves to follow our destiny. It is much more than just the idea, but doing and achieving the aim.

Children grow fast, lovers and friends can go away, but you should follow your motto. Only you can make life work for you. Try not to lose your identity, self-esteem, and even the ability to accept and give love. 

We envy other men and women who seem to have it all, but we don’t know the real situation. We live in a rush, and that makes our life full of disappointments.

The need for peace, concentration, and power to change makes us also to chase our dreams and find real friends. 

Communicate, be thoughtful and honest, and decide what you want to do according to your inner. Figure out what you need, connect with yourself and the people around you.

If you need more in your private life and business goals, go there and get it. However, we should face the tools of motivation given by gurus. They advise you to have an inner dialogue with yourself every day. Define what is going on with your passions, business, and goals.

You can find satisfaction in experiencing new things and people. Take a moment to break and think, what if you could sit down and go more in-depth and connect with yourself?

Take a break from your relentless business motivation with something pleasant. It will provide you the energy to get up and keep working tomorrow.

So ask yourself: what am I doing today? What am I so excited about? Name the person you love, do the job you like, and ensure yourself you’re riding your life road. 

With different life situations, we realize that we cannot learn particular things.

If you are not sure what you want, it can be challenging to motivate yourself. If you take up the blurred dream you have and focus on a goal, you are not likely to succeed. 

If you lack motivation in any area, the first reason is that you have not decided in detail what you want. It will help if you concentrate on something that you really need and want.

Remember that you cannot hit an invisible target. Write down your real aims and go there according to your dream. 

Imagine a motivated person who expresses with his body what he feels. 

A motivated person walks with an upright back. The shoulders bend forward and pull back at the same time. A back posture is also an important aspect of health and motivation.

A motivated person should learn to control the physiological state and try to keep fit. If you are in the right position, you actually feel more motivated, and you can easily reach everything. Motivate yourself by following those people, and then you do things you have to. “Fake it until you make it” and you will find your progress and success. 

Your body transparently reflects the motivation you have deep inside. 

Sometimes we motivate people without having motivation. On the other hand, we can demotivate ourselves with words: “I am tired of this; I have already done this.”

Remember that identity-based thinking patterns can get messy. You can get stuck if you repeat something often enough. The reason for lacking motivation may be in unmotivated people. Make sure you aren’t an “unmotivated” person and inspire yourself with constant goals. 

A motivated person reinforces the decisions until they become habits. It can help to be an even more motivated person. It may take some time to stop thinking like an “unmotivated” person and change mentality. However, you can do it in a few weeks, months, or even years if you really want to.

Too many people try to limit themselves and their desires and say that they do not need great success. This kind of thinking is dangerous because you limit achieving your goals. By limiting your desire sphere, you limit the sphere of your motivation.

You will achieve any goal in case you create and realize your wish. It is a crucial step in any achievement.

Besides, by limiting your potential for success, you won’t achieve what you want. It will quickly lead to a lack of exciting and desirable goals if you don’t follow the sense of life and ability to grow.

When we have a dull or uninspiring goal, we tend to achieve it with less motivation. You can apply all the efforts to achieve only big and ambitious goals. 

Have you ever been so stressed that you’d rather say, “Let it be, I don’t really care,” instead of fighting for your dream? When you break your limits, you can find that the more you do, the more motivated you become.

Remember that it’s hard to motivate yourself when you’re exhausted.

The most important thing you can do when you’re overwhelmed is to think about what you’ve done. I honestly do not think that this is a problem for most people. However, it can be a problem for those who do not have enough clarity about what to do next. Most people need more action, as well as they, need more rest, and I think that is the problem for most people.

This delay can cause ambiguity, which leads to a lack of motivation. 

Reduce things to immediate and feasible measures.

It means that you can structure the curriculum, compile worksheets, record audio sessions. If you are not motivated, you should consider breaking things into something feasible. 

Give yourself precise instructions, a deadline for a specific target.

However, you should have a golden mean. 

It gives you the controlled focus you need. An excellent way to practice this is to ask yourself some questions. When you split your actions, it is easier for you to motivate yourself. Every action or habit becomes easier in such a case. 

The final reason why you can suffer from a lack of motivation is being unmotivated for a long time. The small, specific, daily steps make up your motto. It creates a lasting sense of motivation and performance.

You can motivate yourself to set the essential habits in every area of your life. People often say, “If I had more motivation, I would be much more successful in my business.”

Here Are the Tips Which Can Cause Your Motivation

Personal motivation is the key to maintaining almost every aspect of life. If we are not motivated, we waste our time and neglect our personal and professional goals. Even the most determined people can sometimes exhale. Read some unmistakable tips that will get you back on track. There are two key methods:

1. Maintaining Cheerfulness

1.    Maintaining Cheerfulness

Remind Yourself of Your Goals. Usually, before we dedicate ourselves to something, we set long-term and short-term goals. If you stop understanding the meaning of your goals, you may lose motivation. Check how far you have come. Tracking your goals and checking your progress can help you stay motivated day by day.

Make Weekly Notes to Track Your Progress. People need to see how they cope with different tasks if they want to stay motivated. If you see that you are on the right path, and improvements happen every time you celebrate your progress. It makes you happy and improves your motivation. If you see that you are not very successful in your business, it may upset you. So you need to get the right direction.

Reward Yourself Each Time You Reach Your Weekly Goal. It can be something simple and useful after all the work you have done. Remember, there’s no matter which rewards help you move toward a goal.

Give Yourself a Break. Sometimes even the most purposeful people are out of rails. You can burn out, so a little respite may be what you need. If your goal is in the area of ​​fitness, try to rest for 3-4 days instead of the usual 1-2.

Don’t Be Too Strict with Yourself. Everyone sometimes stumbles. If you haven’t reached your weekly goal, don’t take it too emotionally. Let this be a lesson for you. Sometimes what matters is not how hard you stumble but how you continue on your way after that. Don’t dwell on failure. Just accept it, think of it as a human factor, and keep moving toward the goal.

Watch and Read Motivational Stories and Speeches. Everyone sometimes needs inspirational words. Keep your spirits up by watching inspiring videos on YouTube. It can help you feel a new sense of motivation.

2.    Fighting Laziness

Eliminate Anything that Distracts You. Determine what is slowing down your process. Then get rid of it. Sell ​​it or put it away under lock and key. Protect yourself from this. Throw it away. You will not be able to stay motivated if you waste all your time.

If you waste your time just surfing the Net, better set browser restrictions. It will help you block unnecessary sites and restrict access.

Raise Rates. You must be a responsible person in the eyes of others and your own. Set extra penalties for failures. For example, throw away delicious cookies or donate money to charity. Tell your friends and family about the things you have planned. If you don’t achieve what you’ve planned, you will feel a shame because others know it. 

Drink Coffee. Only you know your amount, which can make you attentive and focused.

If you already have a caffeine addiction and need it to function correctly, you should drink it.

Stay away from stronger stimulants only if your doctor has not prescribed them. They can be addictive if you use them carelessly.

Move. Take a short run. Perform a few exercises or make a box for your rewards. Even light exercise can affect our mood, making us feel more active and dynamic. Exercise should help to fight depression and low self-esteem.

Divide Your Task into Workable Parts. If you have serious problems with motivation, break one big task into several small ones. It will be easier for you, and you will feel satisfaction in each part. This trick will help you to increase your motivation. Sometimes all you need is to get the momentum that will inspire you for the whole project. 

Surprise Yourself. Even highly motivated people can fall into Laziness if they have to do the same for weeks or months. Break the boring monotony and do something original. Try to create an inner sense of unpredictability, even if you don’t know what to do tomorrow. It can reduce the psychological boredom of work that repeats day after day. Here are just a few ideas you might want to experiment with: 

  • Spend your lunch in a picturesque place on the street.
  • Arrange a sporting event with colleagues or friends.
  • Surprise your colleagues with pastries.
  • Invite a friend or someone special for you to spend an evening together in the city. It shouldn’t be a special occasion.
  • Change your style. Try to change your appearance and watch the reaction of others.

Final Remarks 

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