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How Thoughts Influence Actions and How to Take Charge of Your Life?

How Can You Turn Your Thoughts Into Reality?

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  • Thoughts can affect your emotions and feelings, both positively and negatively.
  • It happens that you feel frustrated, angry, or tired, but you have to fix it.
  • You can use five simple steps mentioned below to control feelings and stop negative thinking.
  • Remember that your life’s responsibility begins with recognizing where you are. You should understand what your needs are and then create goals.


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The focus here is on the mind and its thinking abilities. Thoughts shape your personality by influencing your emotions, actions, and habits. This statement often occurs, but the question remains. 

What are thoughts at all, and how do they affect us? 

Your attitude determines everything. We imagine the idea, for example, the feelings about the world, relationships with others, and yourselves.

There are two types of thoughts: about life around us and about the mind itself.

If you have these images and carry them with you, they can be negative or positive, but they are necessarily the same as your mindset.

Depending on how much you focus on your thoughts, your mental energy is multiplied and shared. The more we concentrate on something, the more of it we consume and thus trigger more positive reviews. For example, when we think about going on holiday, it is a positive thought that makes us relaxed and happy.

Positive thinking can make us laugh out loud, be proud, and smile. We can become more confident, better at your jobs, and more successful in your relationships.

With certainty, we can say that your thoughts influence your present state of mind, and your emotions are affected by them. So your thoughts control the way we feel at a specific point in time. This is not the only thought that affects your state of mind. External factors also play some role.

Thoughts Impact Your Life

How Do Your Thoughts Impact Your Life?

In order to understand how your thoughts affect your lives, we must first recognize the connection between different aspects. Ideas consist of information that the brain absorbs and passes on to the mind. The brain acts as a gatekeeper for calculated information and stores this information in the form of images.

Your brain determines what message is relevant to us and what your mental focus will be. 

Thoughts can very quickly become beliefs that can affect your emotions, both positively and negatively. For example, they can provoke feelings of disgust, anger, or even depression.

Ideas are indicators of your connection to the situation and it is based both on your experience and perspective. Feelings are emotional responses to thoughts and behaviors.

Behavior is an action caused by feelings, and the way we react to something is the result of your thoughts, convincing us that it is the proper choice. We can decide that “I’m hungry” or “Cheeseburger” is the best idea to cover up the thought or feeling.

As you can see, these categorical aspects are different from each other, but they are strongly linked. When we think about thoughts’ effects, we know that they are profounded in your whole lives. These effects provoke emotions and behavioral reactions. Their views and perceptions change the way we feel. 

Write down your thoughts and make a note of them. This is your internal dialogue, and the awareness created by this process influences the way you assess the situation.

What are the Rules that Will Help You Control Your Thoughts and Emotions?

You can use five simple steps to control feelings and to stop negative thinking.

What do you think about yourself? What is going on in your life? What is going to happen to you, and why?

It happens to be that you feel frustrated, angry, or tired. But you have to fix it, though it is much easier to say than to do.

Take some minutes to stop what you are doing and think about your thoughts. That is a good strategy, but it takes time.

The better you can hold your thoughts, the faster this step goes, and the next one will help you.

So if you’re scared, go back a minute and ask yourself why you’re afraid and imagine what makes you anxious. Any feeling you have is the direct result of something you think about, so imagine what scares you.

If you don’t follow it, you will have a bad experience in a similar situation, which is terrible for your mental health and life.

Remember that the events that make you anxious are usually the only means your mind uses to create an emotional state. Identify your problems and control them, even if they are not the leading cause.

By default, most people have a negative mental film tape that dissolves their positive ones. If your current situation reminds you of a previous case, you are likely to reproduce it. If you have five successes and one disappointment, these are the failures to which your mind will return. Most of us want to avoid pain, while we wish for the joy we are looking for more than that. If we do this last step correctly, we can begin to identify the cassettes playing in your minds.

We just have to focus on the tapes and write them down, that’s it.

It is not easy because it requires more than a pen and a sheet of paper, now you write in your mind. The fact is that you have power in your head, so you want something, and it seems to be much greater than it really is. The more emotions you generate, the more distance you gain from the feelings you have developed, and the greater the power you have.

Ask yourself when you think of a painful time in the past, do you immediately put yourself in this situation again or not? You would be awakened by the emotions. You can feel angry, bitter, frustrated, and depressed. To distance your emotions from the event you should remove the position of the ego from your memory.

By default, this mental film plays back the position of pain. This is called a negative mental attachment, in which we consciously or unconsciously believe a lie about yourselves. It invites us to connect with what we do, not with the experience itself. The lie could be that you are worthless or stupid, for example. 

At this stage, you can read the Bible, pray, and ask God to reveal to you what the truth is and write it next to your mental tape. It should be recognized that the only way to fight lies is in reality, and now it is the proper time to do that.

How Do Your Thoughts Impact Your Life?

How to Turn Thoughts into Reality?

To fulfill your desires and realize your thoughts, we often resort to a variety of methods. Sometimes they mutually exclude each other and distance us from getting the desired result. In this article, we will consider some patterns. The knowledge of that will allow you to effectively carry out your intentions and achieve goals.

Everything in this world begins with a thought. Then it smoothly develops into desire, then into intention, and only after that it can be embodied in objective reality. As we will see later, simply wanting and dreaming is often not enough to get what you want.

Basic models of intention implementation

The easiest way to get results is through trials and errors. Trying to fulfill a certain intention, we expect to get the result. Recognizing this path of achievement right or wrong, we get what we want, or we make the next attempt to fulfill the intention. Draw up a plan of the most effective actions that will bring the intention to reality. An action is an intermediate result, the cause of which is the intention. And the embodiment is the effect, the cause of which was a certain action.

Here we have another way to get the result – “cause-effect”. Any thought can become the cause of desire and then the intention, and, thus, the primary source of embodiment.

In order to carry out an intention quickly, it must be extremely specific and clear. Write it down so that you can return to it and analyze it. If thoughts opposite to the intention arise, you do not need to try to get rid of them by force (fight them or suppress them). In this case, you will feed them with your energy even more, instead of concentrating on what you want. 

Give them the opportunity to pass through consciousness and release them. Return your attention to achieving the goal. It is very important whether you believe that your intention comes true or not. Unbelief creates an intention opposite to the main striving. When you are in doubt, you should remind yourself that a person’s capabilities have no boundaries.  

A formulated intention implies the presence of an ideal result image. Any ideas and beliefs do not limit the possibilities of its implementation.

The entire world consists of energy, directed by which a person receives certain results. And here it should be understood that there is a huge difference between ordinary desire and intention. If the intention is passive, that is in fact a desire, and it does not carry enough creative energy, therefore it cannot be realized. The energy of intention usually arises from a very strong desire to fulfill what was conceived into reality. This energy leads to the implementation of this intention.

If the intention is clearly formulated, we take action to implement it and maintain its high energy potential. In this case, the embodiment of the intention into reality happens quite easier and quicker. Of course, you should understand that it is not always possible to get what you want immediately. In addition to your desires, there are also the desires of the other seven billion people. An incredible number of circumstances that must change before your goal is achieved. 

But this is not a reason to lose your heart or belief that something you want is unreal. You need to be patient and continue to focus on the goal, as much as possible trying not to dwell on the obstacles.

Having made a decision to move towards the intended goal, we are already giving impetus to the implementation of the intention. It will definitely happen, sometimes even if we do not take any further action. When you have the right intention, everything happens. You meet the proper circumstances, coincidences, unexpected opportunities. And the view of reality changes in some way. You will look at everything through the prism of your intention and notice those moments that you did not pay attention to before.

The embodiment of your thoughts or intentions occurs through the taken actions, the use of opportunities, and a positive perception of what is happening. Positive thinking plays an important role here, too.

The first stage of incarnation is called “alpha reflection”. It manifests itself 1-2 days after the intention is set: events occur, “random coincidences”, new information comes. This means that the Universe has understood and accepted your intention. Its implementation has already begun.

In this way, we will help your intention come true faster. 

The next stage is called beta reflection. There are many opportunities to implement your plans and many fresh ideas. To act in such conditions is extremely favorable and the result will not be long in coming.

Intention sets up the main law of the subjective reality: “You get everything that you think about.” Everything in this world is just a projection of your thoughts.

What are The Rules of a Good Leader? 

It is a worrying feeling not to be responsible for one’s own life, and worse, many people are unable to execute the script given to them by society.

If you desire to be the best version of yourself, there are certain things you have to do to take your life into your hands. Do what you say you will do, not what you are told or done to do.

It will help you to show other people that you are always doing your job. A good leader gets to where he is by acting like that.

Once you have realized your big goals, spend some time with people who strive for change as much as you. Changing habits is more comfortable when we have people to hold us accountable.

You may not always be on a clear path to where you want to be or do exactly what you wanted and it’s ok.

Getting involved and taking responsibility is the only way to achieve the career and life of your dreams. Your life’s responsibility begins with recognizing where you are, what you need to change, and then creating goals that move the needle. One should not be satisfied with existing systems but look outside the box and experiment with new strategies.

Final Remarks 

Share your thoughts on the article, please. Was it interesting and valuable? Let us know what is efficient for you in the comments, and don’t forget to share it with the people who may find it useful. Follow up on your future articles.

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