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Top 5 Digital Marketing Strategies to Promote Your Products and Services In the Digital Era

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  1. 59% of the global population uses the Internet, and 91% of them are mobile users.
  2. Search engine optimization should focus on mobile users FIRST.
  3. Content can be a standalone marketing strategy to strengthen your social media and email marketing campaigns.
  4. SMM is a dominant tool to reach your target audience.
  5. Affiliate marketing is a significant source of clients you can reach fast with your business partners’ daily interactions.
  6. Marketing strategies work best if you combine them to promote a single product or service. 


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Growth Marketing (Hacking) Will Boost the Employment Market of the Future!

Growth Marketing is a fundamental and one of the most demanded skills and professions in 2021. Considering the Pandemic’s influence on the global workforce, people need to update their views on the new era of online work. 

For example, Entrepreneur refers to digital marketing as one of 21 Professional Growth Skills to Master in 2021. Search Engine Journal positions digital marketing as LinkedIn Top 15 In-Demand Jobs in 2021.

For this reason, Growth Hacking has become in high demand as one of the most effective tools to communicate any business message to the public. Ultimately, digital marketing plays the most crucial role in the lives of growth hackers today. 

Whenever you need to launch a business marketing campaign, you take advantage of digital marketing. As a growth marketer, you can only use the tools proven for decades to minimize your marketing efforts and investment.  See the salesforce data with additional insights: 

Best Marketing Practices that Didn’t Change but Evolved for the Last 10 Years

This article gives you an overall idea of 5 major digital marketing strategies you can use to promote your products or services today. Also, you will learn the fundamental concepts that work best with each marketing strategy. The goal is to apply the best tactics in real-life scenarios. 

The Impact of Pandemic on Digital Marketing is Crucial …

We open smartphones at least a couple of times a day. We search for anything we need on the Internet. It usually refers to books or clothing to buy, product reviews, a piece of advice, YouTube videos, Instagram posts, etc.

Both 2020 and 2021 got hit by a pandemic. As a result, we reduced our outside time and started to spend even more time online. During the lockdown, we mostly use video calls. Many people work from home and use video conferencing as a primary tool to interact with co-workers. It only means there is even more place for digital marketing now.

According to Statista, as of October 2020, there are 4,6 billion active Internet users. In other words, 59% of the global population uses the cobweb at least once a day, and mobile users account for 91% of all global users. It leads to a steady annual increase in digital marketing influence.  See the data below:

This article examines the fundamentals of 5 the following evergreen marketing tools that bring the most value to global business development:

  • Website marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Content marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Affiliate marketing

It is essential to acknowledge that these marketing instruments did not change their impact and contribution to your business development. The only changing aspects are in the forms of communicating the message to society. Understanding these digital marketing instruments will guide you towards using the best marketing tools while running your online businesses. See the evolution of the growth marketing metrics from salesforce research: 

1. Website Marketing

Currently, the crucial idea of any website is to drive more sales to any business. Website marketing is used as the primary online advertising tool with direct traffic to promote your business offers. As Alexander Santo states in his article Website marketing: The definitive guide: “The goal is typically to attract people who may be interested in your products or services.” See the SEO Needs Hierarchy below: 

The most significant way to promote your website is through Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It merely includes the improvements in search engine results that guarantee you are ranked high, and your target clients can find you on the front pages of Google. 

The top 3 results of keywords displayed on the first search page receive approximately 75% of all traffic. Thus, it is crucial to make your website appear on the first search engine results pages. According to Search Engine Journal, over 25% of Internet users click them to find answers to their online queries. 

You can achieve high rankings with paid advertising, such as Google Ads. At the same time, be sure you have a significant content foundation that shares information about your company and products or services. The truth is Google Ad can be helpful only with a significant social following. 

As a result, the combination of valuable content on your website and paid advertising will promote your site to the top of Google search. You should also be sure that Google Ads cannot guarantee all the results you need. It creates room for growth marketing as a power source that drives more traffic to your web pages with relevant content. 

An appropriate keyword analysis can help you identify the most applicable data to promote your site with organic search results. Besides, growth marketers tend to boost organic search results since these are the ones you want to influence and improve to increase sales and annual business revenue. 

Defining the right keywords to represent your website is crucial, and ubersuggest is one of the best instruments to find the best keyword ideas. The truth is that proper HTML tags where all the necessary information under your <title>, <meta> tags, and anchor text are often overlooked by traditional marketers. See an example below for more information:

Recognizing what keywords your customers use will help you promote your website better. Google resembles only 83% of all search traffic, and it is why you need to benefit from other search engines, i.e., Bing or Weibo. These channels use different from Google algorithms and need specific optimization based on the target audience. 

Today, it makes sense to increase your global following by entering international markets and thus spread your geographical reach. As a result, you will have extraordinary search engine outcomes that will drive more traffic to your website altogether.

It means that you will find it valuable to optimize your website content for alternative search engines and not only attract existing customers. Instead, pay attention to spread your message sider and ready potential customers from other regions. The outcomes of such actions will definitely pay respectable profit margins in a long-term perspective. 

There is one more thing traditional marketers overlook in website marketing. It is referred to as a mobile search. There is a trick in understanding the concept of mobile marketing. For instance, your website may appear on your desktop computer’s first search page, but it will depict on the 3rd page of your mobile search results. 

It is a crucial reason you need to improve website marketing to match mobile search results. Keep this in mind to help you promote your website and business offers while increasing your traffic and sales as a combination of growth marketing efforts.

2. Email Marketing

Contemporary email marketing has its tricks. Even though it is currently one of the most prominent business tools, standard email marketing campaigns are no longer effective. 

Chatbot systems have proven to be more efficient in reaching target clients. Meaning, the companies need to adopt conventional technologies into fashionable instruments to interact with the target audience. 

Yet, sending direct messages in one way or another is ideal for promoting your products or services, especially for start-ups. The primary challenge is to reassure your target customer that your business offer can indeed solve his/her problem, and signing up for a newsletter or any perk is the first step to progress. 

Incorporating email marketing campaigns in your websites is different based on the nature of your products or services. Whenever anyone buys something from your website, you may use his/her email for your marketing goals in return for a tangible asset. 

To make the system work for your business, you should state your value, preferably in a checkbox when a person fills your online form. You can either ask your site visitor to subscribe for any promotional or discounted material or any free content that will add more benefit to solving your client’s problems.

According to Mailchimp, one of the proven ways to improve subscriptions for your email list is to add a pop-up form with any test drive offer to your website. It is indeed irritating for many people worldwide, but such an approach still generates high-quality leads and results in sufficient investment return. See an example from Neil Patel,  below:

Besides, such a form should have an attractive headline and relevant description. It should also have a tag line with a simple form and a non-generic call to action with immediate benefit for your subscriber. Otherwise, there is no need to share personal information, irrespective of whether it is the client’s name, email, or phone number. 

After onboarding your target clients, you must keep your word and deliver everything you promised. It should be the test-drive product or service that is highly valuable and relevant to solving your potential customers’ issues. Such promotion will drastically increase your website traffic, and it could even reassure any user to purchase your business offers. 

There are also some limitations you should consider. Wikipedia provides a glimpse of regulations on privacy policy and spam prevention in different countries. Make sure you apply them all to avoid massive unsubscribes. Besides, Google Penguin or Panda filters can even ban your website if you violate any privacy rules. 

Conventional email marketing is challenging enough nowadays, and you won’t have any positive outcomes unless you invest significant efforts in creating your email content. It is the least expensive marketing tool that drives sales and empowers all your marketing endeavors.

Defining the email frequently is also crucial since SPAM is absolutely NOT in your favor! Flooding the inbox of people who trusted you with their email is your worst marketing idea. Instead, the best would be to reach your potential clients explaining how your products or services have already helped other people solve their problems. 

Finally, consider another aspect of growth marketing that lacks clarity in its current digital updates. High-quality content marketing is indeed the king of traffic and conversions. Consistency and a call to action are the primary factors that drive your sales upwards! Don’t hesitate to check the latest trends in email marketing:

3. Content marketing

Content marketing is a true “whale” of digital marketing. However, it delivers results only if you use it correctly. The fundamental idea of content development is to share the most significant assets of your business for FREE. It is precisely the reason that will make your potential clients monitor your updates and get back to you for more products or services. See the types of content mostly used to generate more traffic and sales: 

Any valuable content resembles the benefits and values you deliver to your target audience. However, you should have a clear understanding of your customers’ needs and which particular problems you can solve with your business offers. See the latest quotes by top figures in the marketplace: 

General guidelines are no longer in need since the new generation of Internet users is more oriented towards high-quality products and services. Contemporary clients are highly demanding of what they actually purchase. So, being authentic, original, and relevant is compulsory to generate a substantial return on investment. See the modern alternatives to your best content attempts: 

At the same time, you should have a thorough follow-up system to inform your subscribers about any update of a new product or service. Premium quality after-sale support and timely assistance are precious to build client loyalty and brand recognition. 

There are many ways to develop high-quality content. However, be sure to use the information people search on the web most of the time. The more Internet grows, the more data there is for your potential customer to filter, and the less likely everyone will read your blog if there is no proven record of value and extra benefits. 


High-quality content almost regularly means a larger scale of target customers getting into your business. People tend to share information they like to read, especially if they can use it to get immediate results. 

4. Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is one of the most efficient tools for lead generation. The core task of running social media marketing campaigns is to engage the target audience to interact with your content. At the same time, you can sell your products or services by demonstrating their contribution to your subscribers’ lives. See the statistics to understand how it works: 

Be sure to focus on delivering high-quality data on images, in videos, and inside your posts. Remember that each target market is different, and whatever worked for one company will not work for another. Besides, every single subscriber will value different types of content. It is why you need to create all kinds of posts that satisfy a variety of content needs in your target market.  For instance, podcasts are the most preferable types of content nowadays:

Polls are ideal to understand your target clients. Most importantly, you should think of any bonus for your subscribers in return for their participation! Never emphasize your product or service is the only solution to any issue of your target readers. Instead, share the information that could be of value and solves the problems of your target audience. Explore social media trends to update your strategy and get closer to your target audience.

Social media marketing is all about keeping your customer engaged by creating content tailored to their needs and suitable for a particular social media platform (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.). The idea behind reaching your potential clients is by understanding what kind of solutions people search for on different social media platforms. 

You should establish a rule of publishing high-quality content you adapt to the lifestyles of your target readers. Also, be sure you use the tone of voice, format, and content domain that precisely fit your target niche. Overall, you should follow the trends and update your content accordingly.  Otherwise, anything you post will not reach your subscribers as a result of lacking what they need. 

See the video from Neil Patel to understand how it works:

Some examples to illustrate the difference:

  • Twitter is the best platform to share one-liners that communicate your message and the business offers you have. 
  • Instagram and Pinterest are ideal for sharing any kind of visual content to prove you are worthy of their trust and engagement. 
  • Facebook works best to advertise your products or services by explaining how your target reader can benefit from using whatever you offer. 
  • Medium is the perfect match for sharing your blog articles. If you want to share some short videos or a nice picture with some description – Instagram can be your best choice.
  • YouTube and Tiktok are the best tools to show the results of using your products or services based on your feedback from your happy customers. 
  • LinkedIn primarily works to deliver business-related content with links of value to your website. 

So, define social media platforms that fit the needs of your target audience. Tailor your content to suit those platforms so it is easy to understand and apply your content recommendations. Also, explore your posts’ word count and the time you publish them on each social media platform.

See more details on the most comprehensive manual on creating your best social media marketing strategy this year! Take action and monitor your results using content plans and remember that practice makes perfect!

5. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is all about making mutually beneficial partners. It’s not merely about effective communication but also about the art of understanding the change in pains and solutions:

Paying different people for endorsing your product or service is no longer enough. The solutions from other people you recommend should also deliver value based on the nature of your target audience. Also, if you work with the wrong affiliate partners, you won’t have any revenue. Meaning, you should have a clear vision of your target client avatars and their most challenging issues you intend to solve using your affiliate marketing campaigns.

Consider using influencer marketing and voice search to get inside the heads of your potential business partners. Research the topics they search for on Google and explore them in your content. You can also give your feedback on your affiliate partners’ content by adding more benefits and perks from your company. See an example of an affiliate marketing approach of attracting your target audience to your message:

Besides, taking advantage of sharing your opinions on the reviews of the best products or services can work well for all the parties involved. See more in the article affiliate marketing trends to get the idea. See the graphical representation below to examine the depths of how it works:


Best on the updates in Growth Marketing trends, it is your highest priority to build such evergreen skill as digital marketing and treat it as the best profession to sustain your future. 

This article on the top 5 digital marketing strategies covers the fundamentals of each aspect you should know to promote your products and services effectively in the digital era. 

Ultimately, you should understand that each business is different, and so are your target customers and their needs. So, take advantage of everything you learned and apply the best digital marketing practices to scale your business. 


We hope this article was valuable to you, and you find it useful for your marketing needs. Be sure to read all the cited articles to add more value to your social media marketing campaigns and clearly understand each digital marketing element in more detail. Share, comment, ask questions and get back for more valuable content. 

Ultimately, all the Growth Marketing areas covered in this article perfectly fit the Evergreen Skill and Profession you need to learn to Sustain your near Future! 

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